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Private Message shredhead16
Location: US
Ski Bum
Member Points: 1257
Reviews: 62

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Likes: Lib tech is one of the best known brands in the snow sports industry, made in america, with eco friendly materials, one of the best companies IMHO.

Qualities: Innovative, Quality gear, I'd reccomment to a friend, Popular on the mountain, Handmade, Fashionable

Private Message jillybilly
Location: US
Member Points: 1588
Reviews: 298

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Qualities: Popular on the mountain

Private Message chhummystar
Location: US
Ski Bum
Member Points: 994
Reviews: 143

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Qualities: Fashionable

Private Message cds4288
Location: US
Member Points: 1800
Reviews: 89

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Likes: Lib Tech is most certainly my absolute favorite board company to date and Ride is a very very close second. the magnetraction on these boards ae what really sell me and keep me buying their boards. the 2012/2013 skate banana has the sickest graphic yet of all the years of boards they have been making the skate banana. their boards ride amazingly and hold up very well too. Lib also sends me a bunch of cool stickers which is really nice. i plan on buying their stuff