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7/16/2013 10:07:10 PM Just saw this pop up on my news feed today and figured I would post it and create a poll.  Not sure if anyone started a thread on this already since i didn't look much, so sorry if I made a double.  Seems like a good discussion as this is the only XGames event I pay any attention to.  Which parts did you like?  Which did you not like?  My favorites were between Lando and Fredi, but my vote goes to Fredi on this one.  
4/6/2012 11:37:19 AM Put a bunch of my shit up on ebay.  Will post links below. Burton AK Hover L Burton AK Stagger M Burton C60 L Anon Realm
1/14/2012 1:06:49 PM Well, decided everything must go.  So..... to start off my list is my 2011 Lib Tech Travis Rice Horsepower 161.5 snowboard.  I am looking for $450 shipped.        
12/15/2011 10:38:05 PM Over the past few days, I got to test this guy out.  I got this thing at 161.5 cm, and used it with 2012 Burton Cartels and my Burton SLX boots.  I had my stance set back about 1 inch, and set to 18 degrees in front and -9 degrees in back.  To start things off I got the 2012 because I loved my 2011 T.Rice HP from the year before.  For $540, this board impressed me equally.   Overall Thoughts: The 2012 T.Rice is a do everything twin for the advanced rider.  It is very aggressive, and is great for the guy looking for a stiff, fast, and responsive twin for all types of riding.  It is also very lightweight.  Also understand that it is a WIDE, although it isn't advertised as one.  The C2 camber provides the best of both worlds.  Compared to other hybrid profiles, C2 I feel actually serves it's purpose.  The camber underfoot provides stability and power, while the reverse camber in the middle provides added float and playfullness.  In addition to C2, magnetraction is another benefit of this snowboard (IMO).  It does take some time getting used to, as it can feel very grippy on hardpack, but it does its job.  It provides stability when you need it, and it gives the C2 rocker a stable feel similar to that of full camber.  On top of that, the base of the board is fast and durable.  Rocks do not seem to destroy the base, and the base is very quick and fast.  The T.Rice has a fairly deep sidecut IMO, which gives it a quicker edge to edge feel.  On top of that, the board is lightweight, and the artwork on this guy is incredible (although others dislike it due to its busy graphics).  Overall, the T.Rice performs wherever you take it, whatever direction you ride it, and whatever conditions you may encounter (given they are rideable).   Hardpack/Ice: This board performs great on hardpack and icy terrain.  It is fast, stable, and very responsive.  The C2 camber is very fun on the hardpack.  It is playfull, yet powerful.  The C2 gives the board a playful feel without sacrificing stability.  On top of that, magnetraction provides superior edgehold on the hardpack, although it does take time getting used to.  For those who haven't used magnetraction, it can feel very grippy and can catch you off guard at first.  For example, my first time using magnetraction there was an instance where I thought I was gonna slip out but the mtx gripped and pulled me along my edge.  It was kind of surprising and almost made me slip out due to the fact I was caught off guard.  MTX also helps a lot on ice, as it holds on when you need it to.  On top of that, the board is very fast, and can pass by everyone if you turn on the gas.  Also, due to the fact that this board is a twin, there are absolutely no issues with switch riding.  Finally, regardless of the flex, the board is very pressable and butterable (given the rider has proper technique).  Overall, this board performs great on the hardpack and groomers.   Park:  This board also excells in the park.  It is not your ideal "jib board", however, it can hold its own on the rails.  It is pressable given the proper technique, and can feel very playful due to the rocker in the middle.  It also locks in pretty well on the rails, and overall can be a blast on the rails.  This board excels on jumps.  It is very poppy, powerful, stable, lightweight, and easy to spin.  The board can pop off of any lip, whether natural or man made.  It is also very stable on take offs and landings.  This is partly due to the magnetraction, and partly due to the camber underfoot.  Take offs are the most important part of the jump in my opinion, and will manipulate the rest of the jump from air to landing.  The stability this board maintains on the take off helps make the rest of the jump easy, and keeps me comfortable and confident when trying new, bigger features.  On top of that, this board is very easy to spin.  Also, as stated above this board is a twin and has no issues when riding switch.  Overall, this board is excellent in the park, and can be your go-to park stick.   Backcountry: Above all else, this board performs best in the backcountry.  Despite some of the worst conditions I have seen in years, I was lucky enough to find some spots in the hike accessable terrain that were knee-thigh deep in pow, as well as some very sketchy spots.  Regardless, it can take all conditions and all terrain you throw at it, and can be an absolute blast in the backcountry and powder.  In the trees, this thing is incredible.  The relatively deep sidecut makes it very quick edge to edge, and it can carve through the trees with ease.  In the powder, this thing has no problem floating.  The rocker in the center lifts the tips up to provide more effortless float in the pow.  Buttering is effortless in the pow as well, as the rockered center improves playfullness as well.  In addition, the magnetraction also does its job in the backcountry.  I encountered some bulletproof spots that looked like fresh snow, yet edgehold prevented me from being caught off guard and possibly slipping out.  On top of that, the base of the snowboard is EXTREMELY durable.  I dropped in for one run and it took about 5 feet to find a huge rock just underneath the snowpack.  It was unavoidable at that moment, however, it did minimal damage to my base.  Also, the base is very fast, and can maintain speed with ease in the pow.  It can accelerate very easily in the pow just as it can on hardpack or icy terrain.  In addition to the benefits of the base, the quick edge to edge response makes this board very easy to maneuver through technical lines.  This board is also great at landings in the pow, although it shouldn't be a problem since it has a full tail.  It is a great board if you want to begin to take your freestyle skills into the backcountry and steeper terrain.  Other than that, it is very easy to ride both ways in the pow, as it is a twin.  Overall, this board can be any backcountry rider's best friend, and can excel no matter what the backcountry throws at you (of course within reason).   Differences Between the T.Rice Pro and T.Rice HP Models: Many people may wonder if there are differences between the regular T.Rice and HP models, as there are some minor differences between the two.  First of all, the constructions of the two models are completely different.  The HP is lighter due to this difference in construction.  In addition, the HP is a bit softer than the regular model.  Both are rated a 7 on the flex scale (which is very subjective), but while I would rate the regular model at a true 7, the HP is at around a 6.  Other than that, the HP will have different graphics from the regular model.   Summary: Overall, the T.Rice Pro can be a perfect choice for the guy looking for an aggressive, powerful, stiff, responsive twin to take anywhere at anytime.  This board handles all conditions and terrain with ease, given the rider knows how to use the snowboard and utilize the benefits of the board.  I would recommend the T.Rice for the advanced rider who can utilize the power, speed, and response of the snowboard.  This is NOT a set up for a beginner, or someone who is off their game.  It will simply through you around and toss you asside with ease as it is an absolute beast.  All in all, the board is worth the $540 price tag, and if I could describe it in one word, I would use INCREDIBLE.     I hope this review was helpful, and I hope it answered any questions people may have regarding the snowboard.
11/3/2011 6:19:03 PM Well, not sure if anyone posted this yet, couldn't find one in search so here it goes.  The trailer for the second part of the Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy, TGR Further, was released recently, and with all the hype of Brain Farm's Art of Flight over the last year, it's time to switch gears.  So enjoy. Should be an amazing film with amazing riding.
10/5/2011 4:51:56 PM Anyone else hear about this?  I find it kind of ironic that he died just as the new iphone came out.  RIP  EDIT: THREAD IS DEAD, SOMEONE BEAT ME TO IT.
9/7/2011 11:42:24 PM Basically with all the hype and everything, I pretty much had to put this out there.  Definitely one of, if not the most anticipated snowboard film of all time, first question would be whether or not it would live up to That's it That's All.  Personally, I thought it did that and more, just because of the entire approach to the film.  They took a bit of a different approach to this one from That's it That's All, which is great to see.  I did NOT want to see another That's it That's All.  A bunch of different riders, from John Jackson, Jake Blauvelt, Pat Moore, Lago, the Mitrani brothers, Bode Merrill, Willet, McMorris, Landvik, Jeremy Jones, DCP, Nico, and of course Travis Rice.  All of them seemed to play their own parts.  Of course the film was centered around Travis, but it seemed to me to be a bit balanced toward the other riders in the various parts of the film, each sustaining their own ends.Basically, Travis was the only one in every part, but unlike TITA, each part was balanced between whoever was riding in that zone.  Each rider put in their own style and it was good to see, instead of one guy riding the entire time. The main thing about this movie was that it wasn't just about doing corks at everything.  It focused on all aspects of backcountry riding, from huge jumps, pillows, avalanches, and just new zones.  Some of the terrain they were on was just unbelievable.  As far as specifics, you all will pretty much need to see all of this for yourself.  Killer soundtrack, killer spots, awesome scenery and filming, and pretty much some of the best snowboarding I have ever seen. Another thing I may add, Travis has improved a shit ton from TITA.  His big mountain riding has gone through the roof and he has a completely different style from anyone I have ever seen, and it is really exciting to watch.  Sometimes you are thinking "What the f*ck are you doing" on these crazy lines that nobody has ever ridden.  It was similar to TGR's Deeper in that they explored new zones that nobody has ridden before, only unlike deeper, Travis made a joke out of some of these. Mark as well has improved greatly, as he added his own element.  This may not make spenser happy, but he did do a double cork looking 1080 in the film... They do show how Lago broke his jaw, and I believe they show how Lando blew out his knee.  Anyways, the Jackson Hole part was my favorite part, and when you all get to see it, you can see for yourselves the similarities and differences between TITA...  Of course this is all from my perspective, and I am sure that there will be many different point of views.  Anyways, I hope everyone gets to see this, and enjoy... 
8/23/2011 2:35:21 PM I am hoping to pick up a 2012 Jones Solution by mid season this year.  Just was wondering how the flex of the solution compares to that of the flagship. Also, I believe (although I may be wrong) that the jones splits are using karakoram split gear instead of voile.  Is that hardware compatable with spark r&d split bindings or would I have to spend 800 bucks (or however much they are) on the karakoram bindings.
5/8/2011 1:06:39 PM I'm looking for 2011 Quiksilver Travis Rice Pants in royal blue. I can't find them anywhere and was just wondering if anyone had them or could find a place that has royal blue Travis Rice pants.
2/22/2011 9:19:24 PM Since I was bored, figured I would make a Jones Flagship review. I know there is one somewhere on here, but another review doesn't hurt anyone. Jones Flagship 164 Review: First of all, I got this snowboard about 2 weeks ago as a 164cm. I used it for the first time today. I was able to take it on a few runs, but since i twisted my ankle just yesterday, I wasn't able to take it on as many as I wanted. Overall, I am really impressed with the board. It's a really stiff snowboard, I would probably put it at about an 8.5, maybe 9 out of 10. It was noticably stiffer than the Custom X, T.Rice, and felt stiffer than a T6. It is a great snowboard for freeriding, and excels in big mountain riding and backcountry conditions. It also is lightweight IMO, and I believe that it is very affordable for this type of snowboard (For example, a Prior snowboard can be upwards of around $800-$1200 dollars). Groomers: Figured I would start this review with its performance on groomers. It is really good on groomers. Its fast, quick, powerful, and can hold an edge. It is very stable at high speeds on groomed runs, and I could ride switch on it. Switch Riding: This snowboard is ridable switch, but I feel it can be a bit tough because it is very stiff. You don't want to get lazy on this snowboard riding switch or it will just toss you aside. I also wouldn't recommend using this in the park, just because it seems like it would be uncomfortably stiff for park riding. Unless you love a really stiff stick in the park, this would not be I deal for park riding. Trees: This is a very solid snowboard in the trees. At 164, it can be a bit of work to take it through the trees, but it is definately doable. It floats almost effortlessly, since the nose is so huge and the rocker really helps push the nose over the deep snow. It picks up speed fast so it is very important to keep full control when in the trees. It can turn quick through the trees, but I feel that it's a more natural feel to do large arcing turns on this snowboard. Backcountry/Powder: As I stated above, this snowboard floats very well in deep snow. Doesn't have the surfy feel of a fish, but still can float effortlessly in the very deep stuff. The nose is absolutely huge on the 164. It pretty much plows through any type of snow condition, whether bumps, chop, crud, pow, and ice. It feels very stable in the powder and backcountry, and is very fun to use in pow. IMO, this could be used as a pow deck in a quiver. Big Mountain/Steeps: With no surprise, this felt most natural on steep, big mountain terrain. I can see why Jeremy Jones would use this stick on AK likes. First of all, it is really stable in big mountain conditions. I believe it has a mellow magnetraction, giving it 3 extra contact points(?) I believe. I noticed the added stability immediately, and it helped me feel comfortable going through random sections of ice, crud, and chop. To me, this snowboard felt natural when doing large arcing turns. It felt easier to do more of a straightline approach to steep lines, but it also feels very comfortable on technical lines, largely because of the stability. The magnetraction definately made my life easier on steeper more technical lines. Also, this board was extremely fast. Not only did it have a very high top end speed, but it also took off very quickly and accelerated very quickly. It would take off as soon as I pointed it down the mountain, and would keep accelerating even when I thought it was at top speed. It was very stable on the steeps at high speed, and it could plow through sketchy terrain. Overall, this snowboard felt great on big mountain terrain. Overall: Overall, I would say this snowboard is a big mountain powerhouse. It is extremely fast, stiff, powerful, stable, and responsive. I would recommend this snowboard for the advanced to expert big mountain/backcountry freerider who is looking for a stiff, fast and powerful snowboard. I would not advise an intermediate to use this snowboard, simply because it will punish you for mistakes. If you are not on your "A Game," are inexperienced, or simply get lazy on this snowboard, it will throw you down hard, and you should prepare yourself for a long day. All in all, this is by far the best big mountain freeriding snowboard I have ever used. The 164cm Flagship is definately a workhorse, and it feels extremely powerful. It is definately the stiffest and fastest snowboard I have ever ridden, and it is possibly the most powerful snowboard I have ever been on. Guess it's time to go deeper.
1/31/2011 6:19:44 PM Just have a question on the sizing of the Jones solution and flagship. I know the website and some shops advertise them at a 164, but I have seen other places advertising it at 165cm. Is it that both sizes are available or is the 165 just the 164?
1/17/2011 7:26:14 PM 2011 Lib Tech T.Rice C2BTX Horsepower 161.5 Review: I was kinda bored so I figured that I would make one of these. Also, didn't search for any similar threads on the HP but I haven't seen one come up over the last several months so if there is one sorry. To start things off, I picked up this thing in October of this year for about 700 dollars, and I can honestly say it is worth all of it. I picked up the 161.5 (5'11 160lbs.) and I used this for a week in Breck during Xmas time. I paired it up with 2010 Burton C60 Bindings and Burton SLX Boots. Overall Performance: I must say that I was very impressed with the overall performance of this board. It held up well no matter where I took it, and it has become my everyday snowboard. This board is very lightweight. I have seen in previous threads that people have complained about Libs being a bit heavy, however, this thing felt lighter than my Cusom X 158, which is a much smaller deck. It also is very fast and durable, since the base can take a ton of abuse. This is a fairly stiff snowboard, but the nose and tail are both playful and buttery. I also feel that the C2 camber is very fun and powerful, and I like it much more than traditional camber or burton's v-rocker. Finally, I love the magnetraction as it has saved me on more than a few occasions. I would recommend this snowboard for an advanced to expert all mountain or backcountry rider looking for a fast and poweful snowboard for all types of conditions. Hardpack and Ice: On the hardpack and icy terrain, the T.Rice held up amazingly well. It is very fast and responsive edge to edge, and the magnetraction can grip onto pretty much anything. Compared to Burton's pressure distribution edges which don't seem to make a noticable difference, MTX is very noticable and can make a huge difference when riding. It was very stable for a rockered snowboard, and actually felt more stable than some of my previous cambered snowboards. It definately prevented me from slipping out on ice more than a few times. Another thing about the T.Rice is that the magnetraction appears to bump out a lot compared to other boards with magnetraction. The T.Rice HP is a very fast snowboard, and can really take off down a groomed or icy run. It is also very powerful, and can turn on a dime. Overall, this snowboard is very good on ice and hardpack. Jumps and Park: The T.Rice is an excellent snowboard for jumps and park riding. It can be used for jibs, but I would not recommend this as a specific jibstick. This has to be one of the best snowboards I have ever used on jumps. The C2 camber is very poppy and this snowboard can launch you into the air on pretty much any size jump. The board's light weight also probably plays a factor in the air time. After this past trip with the T.Rice, I absolutely love the magnetraction for jumps, especially on landings. One instance where the magnetraction completely saved me on a jump was when I caught my edge going off of a 30-40 foot kicker. I took off very awkwardly and started slowly leaning towards my toe edge. While I should have fallen right on my face and broken a wrist or something, the magnetraction was able to grip on to the landing just enough to keep me upright. Overall, this snowboard could be your primary freestyle snowboard but I would recommend the 157 or 153 for park riding, as the blunt tips (compared to the pointy) can help with making nose and tail grabs a bit easier. Backcountry and Powder: Most of the time I spent on this board was in backcountry terrain, and I absolutely loved it. This board floats amazingly well in powder, and can keep up speed in powder as well. I was able to use this on steep, sketchy, rocky runs, as well as in the trees and open bowls. In the trees, this thing was absolutely fun. When I was in the trees, this thing was able to turn on a dime, and it was comfortable for me to go fast through the trees. The C2 Camber floats extremely well, and it was very helpful through the trees. I also was able to take this thing through some really steep and narrow terrain with tons of rocks, and a manditory cornice drop. I believe the magnetraction is very useful in the backcountry, especially on steeps where you can encounter sometimes very thin snow, chop, or even ice. The superior stability of the snowboard made me feel really comfortable on steeper variable terrain. To top things off, I had one of the best runs of my life on this thing as I was able to get a snowmobile ride from patrol out to an untouched chute with some of the nicest turns I have ever experienced. Altogether, I believe that the T.Rice definately excells most in backcountry terrain.   Whether you want to use it for resort powder cruising, trees, big mountain riding, or backcountry kickers, it will probably hold up well and do the job. This is definately by far the best all around backcountry snowboard I have used. I have yet to encounter any problems with this snowboard. I feel that it has performed beyond my expectations everywhere I used it, and it has become my favorite snowboard so far. Another positive about this snowboard is that it has amazing graphics. I must say that the Parillo graphics are sick, and after seeing the 2012 T.Rice graphic, I might end up getting that at the end of next season. One other thing to consider when buying the T.Rice is that it is a WIDE snowboard, although not advertised as one (the 161.5 has a 26cm WW). I wear a size 10 boot but the added width doesn't bother me. If you have a smaller foot, I would recommend that you stay away from this snowboard. Overall, the 2011 Lib Tech T.Rice C2BTX HP snowboard is a very fast, responsive, stiff, stable, and powerful ride. I would recommend this snowboard for the advanced all mountain rider or backcountry enthusiast that can take advantage of the extra power. EDIT: Switch Riding: I forgot to put this in the first time so figured I would add it. The snowboard felt the same riding switch. It's a twin, so I would expect it to feel the same. Jumps felt easy going switch and hardpack and ice were extremely easy to ride switch. It also had no problem floating in pow switch. I did a ton of switch riding in the pow last trip, and I think it worked just great. Was confident enough to use it switch through, trees, steeps, bowls, rocky terrain, etc... Overall a great all around deck whether riding regular or switch.

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