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MikeD13559 Name Mike
Location Grand Rapids, MI, US
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Member Since 9/17/2009
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"never let fun out of your sight!!!" 
Haitian Creole
Gender: Male
Age: -59
Languages: view all languages
Years Riding: 28
Average Days/Year: 35
Skill Level: advanced
Riding Style: all mountain
Area of Expertise: general knowledge
Preferred Terrain: powder, backcountry, park, groomers
Sizing Info  
Height/Weight: 5'10, 180 lbs
Board Size: 157
Boot Size: 105
Clothing Size: L
Jacket Size: L
Pants Size: L
Thermal Size: L
Ride with Me  
Region: Mid West
Location: Michigan
Resort: Caberfae Peaks
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"So Good and Evil!!!" 1/29/2013
Helpful Review?   (3) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2013 Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Use:  Butters,Groomed,High Speeds,Jibs,Jumps,Low Speeds,Off Trail,Switch Riding,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  Tons of Pop, Super Quality, TBT -Triple Base Technology

Experience:   I have been wanting the Evil Twin for 2+ seasons now and finally bought one! I'm so so so happy with this board! Initially the board was stiffer than it's 5-6-5 flex rating. But, after some carpet boarding, flexing and riding it 3 days it loosened up and is pretty playful. This board has a TON of pop on ollies and jumps. Carbon X stringers under the bindings add to the pop. I have about 15 days on this board this season. It has been great everywhere I have taken it! Super on kickers and any kind of jump, lip or drop you may come across. So much pop!!! The Twin TBT base is awesome for jibbing, butters and really adds float in the powder. Good in the trees and handles great on steeper runs too. Such a fun board! This is my fav board I have been on in 25 seasons on riding! If you are a freestyle rider who esp like jumps and drops this is a great board to consider!
"Great glove for a fair price" 3/2/2014
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Forum Fair Gloves
  • Pros:  fleece lining, quality, price

Experience:   Really nice gloves esp for the price! These are a great glove for 20 degree+ days. They have never become wet for me. They are longer at the wrist than they appear. I never get snow between them and my jacket. They have a great large surface area velcro closure system which is super secure and it never comes un-velcroed. The material they are made from has been really durable for me so far, no fraying or anything coming un-stitched. No fading of color or peeling of screened graphics. As an added bonus, they come with wrist bungees/ leashes (or w/e they are called) so you will never drop them when messing w/ gear or your music player on the lift. Durable palms that are a semi grippy fake leather kind of a material. They aren't slippery, but they are super grippy either, this is the only little gripe 1 could have with these gloves. As for fit, I am XL in most gloves as I have wide palms and need the extra room. Some gloves in XL are a little too long for me in the fingers. I got the XL in this model and I have no issues with the fit with these in any way. Snug fit but not too tight or short in the fingers. Really cool style IMO. I highly recommend these gloves

Comments & Questions

Also, nice fleece lining and not bulky at all.

*They aren't slippery, but they **aren't** super grippy either, this is the only little gripe 1 could have with these gloves

"This board IS Totally FK'N Awsome!!!" 12/19/2013
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2014 Capita Totally FK'n Awesome Snowboard
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Off Trail,Powder
  • Pros:  Super pop!, Great float in pow, responsive but yet playful

Experience:   Wow!! What a board!! If you want something that is fast and aggressive, but still has some playfulness and is not super stiff for blasting off of natural features and bomb through powder and trees while doing some freestyle then this board is an awesome choice! I'm 190lbs and got the 159. Paired it with my Union Force SLs. It's really a fun board! It's really nice and stable w/ the camber underfoot and between the bindings. But, the reverse camber zones outside the bindings keep it catch free, playful feeling, turns on a dime and helps the float in the powder. This board floats wonderfully in the powder! Landing in 1.5-2ft of pow and the board just brought itself to the serface even when I though I was going down a few times. And oh my does it have some pop to it!!! Holy crap!!! Just load it up and blast into the air! What a fun ride this is! It should be amazing for kickers (I only hit natural features with it so far). I highly recommend this board to anyone who loves taking freestyle to the powder or backcountry. Plus, the graphic is super clean (which we all know is the most important thing about a board ;)... ) There is a hidden bikini babe that glows in the dark! You can also kind of see her from certain angles when the light hits the board just right. There are a gang of insert holes for a bunch of stance options. This board is truly is FK'N Awesome!
"Great ESP for the Price!" 10/14/2011
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Oakley O Frame Goggles Men's
  • Pros:  low cost, quality, easy to find new lenses
  • Cons:  possibly peripheral vision issues for some people,

Experience:   Great goggles for the price! I actually have a few pairs of these. I use them as back-up and night riding goggles. I really like them! One great thing about these goggles is it's easy to find replacement or different color lenses @ One possible issue for ppl may be the peripheral vision in these goggles. Not an issue for me, but I could see it being an issue for some ppl. (So, try them on, as always) The lenses are inexpensive to replace or add an extra, always nice. Great Goggles ESP if you are on a budget!
"Great for most days!" 10/8/2011
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Burton Midweight Crew Baselayer Top
  • Pros:  great wicking, quality, great fit
  • Cons:  a little pricey,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  perfect, snug and comfortable

Experience:   fits great, really comfortable, not bulky. I wear this base layer on most days, not on warmer spring days. I really like this base layer shirt. highly recommended!
"Great Value for a good bag!!!" 11/16/2010
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Forum Rambler Wheelie Snowboard Bag
  • Pros:  plenty of room, good padding, easy to locate

Experience:   I got this bag last season, for $35 (crazy). It has plenty of room for a few boards, boots, bindings.. and anything else U may need to travel.. I actually packed all my gear and clothes in this bag for a 10 day trip to CO. It was also easy to locate coming off the luggage carousel. It has also held up well, good quality!

Comments & Questions

Looking to get this bag, but prefer there to be a seperate compartment for my boots - is this just one big bag or are there boot pockets that are seperate?

"Super Hoodie!" 9/15/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Analog Transpose 4 Zip Hoodie
  • Pros:  really nice quality, good features for a hoodie!!, sweet color options, exactly what I hoped it would be
  • Cons:  Long (just becuz I'm 5'10 and my hoodie is an XL),
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XXL
  • Description:  The fit is definitely baggy and longer

Experience:   Wow do I love this hoodie! It is more of a hoodie jacket. It's great for spring days... or warm and sunny days (45 degree+ days for me). Or on the way to the resort.. or even just in town or wherever! You can definitely feel the wind through this hoodie (while riding). There is a nice thinner fleece-like finish to the inside. The outer fabric in water resistant and a little snow or water beads-up and slides off.. but if U are sitting in some snow or it is snowing it will get wet.. There is a pocket in the AG logo on the chest w/ a hole for headphones. 2 big hip pockets. The only thing I don't like about it is it's long on me.. But, I bought an XL thinking I would be using it for riding. At 5'10 185-190 it's too long.. or longer than I like.. no crazy dumb long.. just a little too long for my liking.
"Light weight and comfy!" 9/10/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Smith Variant Brim Snowboard Helmet Men's
  • Pros:  Light weight, not a huge helmet, BOA system for a great fit!

Experience:   I bought this helmet last yr because I was sick of my smith holt helmet being too big. This helmet fits me way better (has a BOA system for the perfect fit). The helmet has dual vent on either side, super bonus. Really comfy chin strap. I recommend this helmet highly! Make sure to try on helmets before you buy.. Fit is key
"Great baselayer" 10/8/2011
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Burton Midweight First Layer Pants
  • Pros:  great wicking, comfortable, true to size, great quality
  • Cons:  a little pricey,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  snug and comfortable

Experience:   I love these base pants! They are just super comfortable and do a wonderful job wicking. I wear these on cold to warmer days and they are perfect for me. Great quality. Highly recommended!
"Sickness!!!!" 10/5/2011
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Aesthetica Snowboard DVD
  • Pros:  Amazing riding, Mark Landvick, Xavier Delerue, backcountry

Experience:   Amazing stuff.. one of my fav vids! Landvick kills it in this movie and Xavier Delerue is a mad man!1 Def worth it! 2 thumbs up!
"AWESOME!" 10/3/2011
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2009 The B Snowboard DVD
  • Pros:  Nicolas Muller, Jeremy Jones,

Experience:   I really enjoy this movie! Nicolas Muller's riding is insane in this movie. I love Jeremy Jones crazy one binding/ swivel shuvit board! The grand finale scene is great!Just a lot of good riding. One of my fav movies from the past 4 seasons
"AMAZING!!" 9/26/2011
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Sabbath Snowboard Boots
  • Pros:  quality, performance, cushion
  • Fit:  stiff
  • Flex:  mid
  • Shoe Size:  11
  • Boot Size:  11

Experience:   These are the best boot I have ever owned! They fit me really well (the most important factor) The flex is perfect for me, a medium flex. It doesn't matter if I'm messing around on my fun.kink jibbing or ripping through the trees on my custom these boots are ready to rip anything!
"Really nice for the price" 9/26/2011
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Smith Holt Snowboard Helmet
  • Pros:  quality, light weight, inexpensive

Experience:   this is a really nice helmet esp for the price! has a removable liner that is easy to hand wash. Works well with most goggles. It's fine w/ all 3 of my goggle models. Before you buy, make sure U try helmets on, just like boots and goggles (dif brands fit dif). Also, bring your goggles with when U try helmets on to make sure they work well together.
"Nice" 12/8/2016
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Foursquare Berm Hoodie
  • Pros:  stylish, quality, dope
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  true

Experience:   sweet hoodie. good zippers. thick quality screen print. good quality material.
"every day glove and spring ride glove" 12/8/2016
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Grenade Lizard CC935 Gloves
  • Pros:  inexpensive, good quality,

Experience:   good quality for the $. I have had 3 pairs of these gloves over the years. All they really do is change color ways each season. No need to mess w/ what works. Great driving, running around winter glove. And of course good for those spring days. They work great as an liner glove on those extra cold days. I frequently use them as liners in my mittens.
"Dope Hat" 12/8/2016
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Special Blend Lego New Era Cap
  • Pros:  good quality,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  fitted

Experience:   Sick style, dope hat. A bunch of fun colors. Fitted
"80s style" 11/29/2016
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2014 Neff Daily Velcro Watch
  • Pros:  fun colors,

Experience:   fun watch w/ fun colors, 80s velcro style
"fun all over" 11/29/2016
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2016 DC PBJ Snowboard
  • Skill:  Beginner
  • Use:  Butters,Groomed,Jibs,Jumps,Low Speeds,Off Trail,Switch Riding,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  great quality for the $,

Experience:   fun park/ freestyle board for a good price
"Patrick's fav" 11/29/2016
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Arbor Roadhouse Cap
  • Pros:  styler,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  true

Experience:   kick ass in a bar like Patrick Swayze
"sick freestyle" 11/29/2016
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2016 GNU Danny Kass Horror Business Snowboard
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Butters,Groomed,Halfpipe,High Speeds,Jibs,Jumps,Low Speeds,Off Trail,Switch Riding,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  quality construction,

Experience:   do all rip all board
"Great board for a young shredder" 11/29/2016
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2016 Capita MicroScope Snowboard
  • Skill:  Beginner
  • Use:  Butters,Groomed,Halfpipe,Jibs,Jumps,Low Speeds,Off Trail,Switch Riding,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  quality for cost,

Experience:   Big boy board for younger riders. Great in the park, pow and ripping around the resort. Forgiving enough to learn, but not a board a rider will outgrow (skill wise) until it's too small for their weight. My friend'd sone who rides with us ripped everything from park to double black tree runs on his.
"low profile/ non bulky mid weight glove" 12/3/2015
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2013 Ride Shorty Gloves
  • Pros:  not bulky/ low profile, pre curved fingers w/ elastic 'hinged' joints., warmer than you think
  • Cons:  they fit 1/2 -1 full size smaller in my experience,

Experience:   I got these Ride gloves on sale and I'm really liking them, esp for the price! They are exactly what I was hoping to get when I bought them. I hate bulky gloves and these are really low profile for how insulated they are. The precurve fingers have elastic 'hinged' joints so there is no bunching of extra fabric in the finger tips... I hate that. The top of the thumbs are a fo suede that works as a nose wipe. The palm of the gloves are 80% rubber coated w/ a fun graphic and super grippy. The liner is sewn in the glove well. The tip is secure and shouldn't separate unless you are careless taking your glove off and don't hold the finger tips. The cuffs are longer than the photo shows. About 3 long. The velcro closure is really big and works really well. My hands sweat when I ride. So, I hardly ever wear super warm gloves. These look like pipe gloves. But, they are warmer than they look. They like a beefed up and lined pipe glove. They are a medium weight glove I can wear most days (15-35 degrees). I have 3 pairs of gloves in this weight. I sweat them out and switch gloves 2-3 times a day. This set is my new go to glove to start the day. If you are like me and your hands run hot or you ride in warmer conditions.. or maybe you need a glove for a spring riding? Then I def recommend them! Esp at the sale price!
"Freestyle Trickster" 3/18/2013
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2013 Bataleon Airobic Snowboard
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Butters,Groomed,Jibs,Low Speeds,Switch Riding
  • Pros:  light weight, blunted nose and tail, quality, performance , stable, pop, fun

Experience:   Wow is this a fun board!!!! I got this board hoping for something softer/ more playful than my Evil Twin, but with a similar feel. This is exactly what this board is! I'm 190lbs -ish and usually ride 157s & 158s. I got the 154, because I wanted a little 'fun' board. With the blunted nose and tail on the Bataleon boards the swing weight and length is reduced, but the effective edge is long which keeps them more stable for the than the length might suggest. So, the 154 Airobic rides about as stable as a 156/ 157. It is a 3-4-3 flex. Nice and playful on the nose and tail with some stability between your feet. A lot of pop in this board! I got this board to get more into park and for something to butter and mess around on. It's super fun to butter and press. Pretty easy to do, but this board is not a noodle so the presses are not automatic. It locks on to rails, boxes and tubes/ pipes really nicely. The TBT base keeps the board super catch free and fun spinning on features or spinning butters. Jib TBT on the Airobic offers a wider flat area to really lock in. This is the kind of board U can use for most days riding groomers, park and just messing around. Stable enough for at least medium kickers too. Awesome board! And super fun! Highly recommend it for anyone who rids small resorts.
"Great Design!!!" 9/15/2012
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Sierra Headphones TShirt Men's
  • Pros:  Sweet Design!, great placement of the artwork, old school seirra
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  fit true to size

Experience:   I got one of these in purple w/ bight green print. I love it! Sweet artwork! And I love the placement of the artwork! Reminder of the 'old sierra' and the cool ppl who used to frequent the chat room (still cool ppl there) The shirt will shrink.. just a very little (unless you wash it in really hot water and dry it on a high setting). The Tee is now over 2 yrs old and the ink and design look great!
"great!" 9/15/2012
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Anarchy Blacken Sunglasses Men's
  • Pros:  Great quality for the price!, comfortable,

Experience:   I got some of these on sale off whiskeymalitia for a really good price! I have been really surprised w/ how good the optics are, how comfortable and durable these glasses are as well. THey fit a little wider head well and are probably going to fit someone with a medium to large face the best. I will definitely keep my eye out for more Anarchy Glasses in the future!
"crowd pleaser!" 11/8/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 DC Pure Skate Shoes Men's
  • Pros:  great style, good padding for skating, really comfortable

Experience:   I always got compliments on these shoes! I really like them in every way. I need to grab another pair! Had them for few yrs before the sole started to break-up. One of my fav pairs of skate shoes I have owned.. I didn't just skate in them. Wore them every day for nearly a yr before they started to look a little beat up. I would highly recommend them. I have a 11 in these. I measure a 10.5 but can be a 11 or a 10.5, depending on the brand.
"Comfy and functional" 10/19/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Merrell Chameleon Stretch Hiking Shoes Men's
  • Pros:  Super comfortable, great quality, great warranty
  • Cons:  the treads are not as grippy on wet surfaces,

Experience:   I actually have 2 pairs of these shoes.. a goretex version and this model. They are really nice quality, super comfy w/ the sock-like fit. I got these for disc golf. they are great on dry days/ surfaces. But, with any rain or moisture on grass, leaves or rocks the grip of the tread is not very good. I slide too much. I had to get another pair of shoes for wet conditions. If U plan on only using these on nice/ non wet days/ conditions they are awesome. OK, but not great in wet conditions.
"Vent it out!" 10/18/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Vent
  • Pros:  4 vents, great quality, comfy
  • Cons:  might be too baggy for some ppl,
  • Pant Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  baggy and saggy

Experience:   Super nice pants! The fit is baggy and saggy, burton's sig fit. I can get a little warm while riding and the 4 vents on these pants really help me out! There are a ton of pockets for a lock, tools etc... and features like a key clip in one of the fleece lined pockets. Great quality! I have had these for a few yrs and they still look new!
"These are a MUST!!!" 10/18/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Dakine Oval Laces
  • Pros:  No slippage!!!,

Experience:   Do yourself a favor and get some of these oval laces!!! They don't slip like round laces, so U don't have to re-do your laces unless U take your boots off. basically solves the problems most ppl have with traditional lace boots! GET UM!!!
"GIGI Rules!" 10/5/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Volcom 9191 Snowboard DVD
  • Pros:  Gigi Ruf, inspiring riding, natural terrain
  • Cons:  a little on the short side,

Experience:   Great shred flick. Gigi rules it all!!! Innovative riding and tons of style. Kind of short.. but not really since it's his entire yr of riding.. pretty amazing that he could film all of this in a yr and make what is essentially a singular, extended video part. Super good stuff!! Buy this and get STOKED!
"Take me to NEVERLAND!!!" 10/3/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Neverland Snowboard DVD
  • Pros:  Nicolas Muller, awesome riding,

Experience:   The opening segment is one of my very favorites ever! Behind That's It That's All, this is my Fav shred flick. Just so much good riding buy some the most amazing riders!! Absinthe comes through again!!
"IDK....." 10/2/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Burton Baker Mittens
  • Pros:  good fit, warm, warranty
  • Cons:  suspect quality,

Experience:   I got some of these... and within 3 times riding the velcro strap just ripped off. I wsnot rough w/ it. IDK what happened.. I took it to my local shop. And they hooked me up w/ some Analog mitts that where basically the same thing. I'm not sure if they were just a defective or if they are crappy.
"super comfort!" 9/26/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Smartwool Phd Ski Light Socks - Men's
  • Pros:  great fit, super quality, awesome warranty
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  snug, comfy

Experience:   i love all smartwool socks and these are no exception. They R super comfy, never bunch, never slide down. They wick and keep your foot dry all day. Plus, the lifetime warranty on smartwool socks can't be beat!
"Pack it up!" 9/24/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Metalhead Pack
  • Pros:  good size, good value, quality

Experience:   I bought one of these on sale for art school. The laptop carrier is padded and holds a 15 laptop and plenty of room for books, or clothes, etc.. I have also used this backpack traveling the country. It holds a lot, but when packed full the zippers can start to open a little at the top. (something that happens with most backpacks, but not all) I do really like this backpack. It has held up really well over the past 4 yrs and still looks new! I would recommend this backpack to anyone
"a good time w/ your buds" 9/24/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Skullcandy Smokin Buds Earbuds
  • Pros:  not bad for the price, good sound, good warranty
  • Cons:  a little fragile,

Experience:   I have owned 2 pairs of these and like them. They are good for the price. I recommend getting the ear buds w/ the paracord rather than the rubber/ plastic. They R a lot more durable. Good warranty program!
"small and useful" 9/24/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Burton Zip Snowboard Tool
  • Pros:  compact, very useful, quality
  • Cons:  not a lot of torque,

Experience:   This is an awesome little tool to have in your pocket! It's perfect for those on hill adjustments! It's not made to be the main tool U use, so don't use it that way. I am super glad I have one of these every time I ride.
"Best stomp pad on the market" 9/24/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Dakine Spike Snowboard Stomp
  • Pros:  super grip, easy to apply, quality
  • Cons:  big,

Experience:   best stomp pad on the market! If U feel it is too big U can cut it to the size U want. So much grip U could ride boneless (one footed) with no worries. If U have issues w/ getting off lifts this will solve your problem
"These Pants Last FOREVER" 8/24/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Burton Ronin Vent
  • Pros:  super durable!, super quality, great fit and style
  • Pant Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  baggy and saggy

Experience:   I have had these pants forever it seems.. and I'm still loving them! The only wear is on my right leg from accidentally stepping on the pant cuff while walking to and from the the car. I can't believe how long these have lasted!!! I get about 30 days riding every yr and these have not disappointed me! There are 4 HUGE vents on these pants: 2 on the top of the thigh, 2 on the inner thigh. So, U can get that perfect comfortable temp while on the slopes or while riding the lift. There R 6 bigs pockets on these pants to hold everything U need for a day of shredding. I have nothing but good things to say about these pants.
"Super Nice goggles!!!" 8/24/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Oakley AFrame Snowboard Goggles Men's
  • Pros:  Great optics, Super quality, nice style
  • Cons:  can be small for some people,

Experience:   These R great goggles!!! There is only one drawback... They R a little on the small side (for some ppl's faces). If U like the styling of these goggles I highly recommend trying them on locally 1st before U buy them online. They don't fit everyone's face well. But, if they fit U.. and U dig them.. Buy with confidence! U will love them! Also, it's easy to get extra or replacement lenses for them on
"Great Value goggle" 8/24/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Oakley O-Frame
  • Pros:  Interchangeable Lenses, quality for the price, nice style
  • Cons:  standard lens (usually),

Experience:   I have had a 3 pairs of these goggles over the yrs (22 yrs riding). I am still using a pair I bought 7 yrs ago (i have just had to re-glue the foam (after 5 yrs) I keep buying them for an extra set of goggles and for use as my night riding goggles. Extra lenses are super easy to buy on oakley's website ... and not very expensive.. $25 for clear lenses to $55 for fire iridium. So, they R really easy to upgrade! If U are strapped for cash at the moment and need goggles these R a great choice! U can upgrade the lens once U have the loot. They have that classic goggle look which never seems to go out of style. The only reason to buy a new pair is U will wear out the foam before the lens,frame or strap are done.
"Nice Spring Gloves" 8/23/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Grenade DK Pro X Games Snowboard Gloves Men's
  • Pros:  good fit, durable, quality
  • Cons:  not waterproof (until U wash them in nikwax),

Experience:   These R some nice spring riding/ pipe style gloves. Def not for cold days. I use them as a winter glove (for going around the city and w/e) and a spring riding glove for those 30 degree+ days. I have had them since 2009 and they R only now (after 2 yrs) starting to wear on the inside of my right index finger (which is most likely from driving and not riding). I highly recommend these for spring riding. Get some nikwax waterproofing wash and hook them up! U will love them!
"Great Goggles" 1/18/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Spy Zed Snowboard Goggles Men's
  • Pros:  good fit for me, good venting, rubberized no slip strap

Experience:   I have 2 pairs of these goggles.. got them for a great price! They come w/ 2 sets of lenses which is always a bonus. They fit me well. They vent well. Couldn't B happier w/ them.
"Super iLL!!!" 3/20/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Triad
  • Pros:  responsive, esp for the plush feel, a lot of cushion, great straps and toe cap
  • Flex:  mid

Experience:   I absolutely love these bindings! They have really, really nice cushion, so landing jumps all day won't kill your feet, even on icy or packed down landing areas. They are pretty responsive for a medium flex binding. The Triads also have good feel for having such a cushioned footbed. I have taken these binding everywhere from powder, to trees, groomers & the park... and they perform very well everywhere! I couldn't be happier with a binding. Get some and enjoy!!!
"Fast and floaty" 3/17/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Nitro Team Gullwing
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Off Trail,Powder
  • Pros:  FAST!!!, Stable, Floaty
  • Cons:  kind of too loose feeling,until you are used to it,

Experience:   This board is fast!! It is also stable and floaty feeling. I tested it on groomers and through some smaller moguls. It has a strange floaty/ loose feeling that at first is a little unsettling. because the board wants to GO! But, after riding it for a few runs I got used to the feeling and found that it was actually really stable, just fast and kind of loose feeling. It almost feels like U have to try to turn it, but you really don't need to put that much effort into it. I didn't get a chance to try it in any fresh snow, but I bet it would be great in powder (it just has that feel about it). I would really like to get on it for an entire day, esp on a nice pow day and see how it handles in the deep stuff.
"Can a board be Too Fun?!?!" 3/13/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Capita Sierrascope FK
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Use:  Groomed,Low Speeds,Park,Switch Riding,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  Poppy, Flexy, Fun!, pretty stable at higher speeds, SUPER FUN!!!
  • Cons:  IDK,

Experience:   So, can a board be too much fun?!?!?! I say maybe.. if U are talking about the Sierrascope. I had so much fun messing around on this board last week. I tested it all over the slopes.. popping ollies, pressing and buttering, riding switch, going fast and slashing turns. It was great in ever aspect. It was even stable going fast with me weighing 190lbs on a 156cm board. I didn't take it into the park because the board was not mine and the park was packed. So, I f U want a fun board you should consider the Sierrascope!!!
"2009 Freestyles" 12/23/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Freestyle
  • Pros:  made well, forgiving flex, descent price
  • Cons:  pretty soft/ could be too soft, not very much cushion,
  • Flex:  soft

Experience:   Good bindings if U are just learning or a looking for a soft binding. If U are an experience rider I would look at a stiffer model w/ more cushion.
"Good style " 12/2/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Trope
  • Pros:  it has a pom... I love poms, cool colors,
  • Description:  perfect

Experience:   sweet hat.. cool colors.. and plenty big
"Nice!!!" 11/30/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Smith Holt
  • Pros:  Comfortable, Good Adjustability, Nice Style,
  • Cons:  doesn't work with A-Frame goggle (oakley A-frame),

Experience:   I love this helmet. Good helmet for the price. Comfortable fit. Just do not use Oakley A-Frames w/ this helmet... Leaves a gapper gap...
"This beanie is sick!!!!!" 11/30/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Neff Standard
  • Pros:  Sweet colors, fun/ funny graphic, It has a big bright blue pom,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Awesome

Experience:   Sick style, awesome colors.. steez..lot's of it!!!!
"Amazing Function!!!" 11/30/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Foursquare Arroyo
  • Pros:  Tons of Pockets!!!, Nice Hood, Good Velcro, Cool Features, Great Style, Waterproof
  • Jacket Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  This jacket is roomy in all the right places

Experience:   Sweet features, you can tell the people at FSQ put a lot of thought into this jacket. There are pockets everywhere, good velcro, headphone guides and a removable liner for those colder days(that is a stylie lightweight jacket off the Mt.) If you are thinking you want one you are wrong....You need one!!!
"Great All Around Binding" 11/30/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Mission
  • Pros:  Great Binding for the Price, , Great for riding everywhere,, Good Quality!!!
  • Flex:  mid

Experience:   I ride everywhere and would recommend this binding to anyone who wants a good all around binding for a good price. Good Quality!!!
"Rip everywhere you ride!!!" 11/30/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Custom
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Off Trail,Park,Powder,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  Nice flex, Great Pop, Nimble and Quick,, Great Edge hold, Sweet Graphic,

Experience:   I got the Custom because I wanted to ride everywhere. And U can rip everywhere on the Custom. I can and have taken it from the resorts in Michigan to the Mountains in Colorado and absolutely love this board. If you like to sample a little of everything then this board would be a great choice.
"Good For Everything" 11/30/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Burton Hail
  • Pros:  Comfortable, Good Adjustability, Nice Style, High Quality, True to Size,
  • Fit:  mid
  • Flex:  mid
  • Shoe Size:  11
  • Boot Size:  11

Experience:   I ride the trees and powder... and just mess around on other days. I like a medium to soft boot... but not too soft... and the Hails seem to have the perfect flex for me. Also, they have good cushioning... so your feet won't be killing you at the end of the day.

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