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| | | bryman | | | Name brent ryman
Location reNO, NV, US
Level Instructor  (6066 points)
Member Since 8/19/2007
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"get bent" 
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Languages: English
Years Riding: 16
Average Days/Year: 33
Skill Level: backcountry rider
Riding Style: freeride
Area of Expertise: weekend warrior
Preferred Terrain: powder, backcountry
Sizing Info  
Height/Weight: 6'1, 180 lbs
Board Size: 162-ish
Boot Size: 10's
Clothing Size: XL
Jacket Size: XL
Pants Size: XL
Thermal Size: L
Ride with Me  
Region: California
Location: Nevada
Resort: Mt Rose
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"everything you need in a travel bag" 2/21/2011
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  • Name: 2010 Burton Wheelie Snowboard Case Rn Flannel Plaid
  • Pros:  gel-feeling, comfortable handle, HUGE, can fit whatever you need, modular boot-carry system is nice
  • Cons:  a bit heavy, but solid construction,

Experience:   Had this bag for a number of years (probably 2007 model, but I haven't seen many changes as I read the catalog), and have rocked it on a number of Utah and Colorado plane trips, as well as driving trips all over the West and even local Tahoe resorts. Generally slap in two boards with one pair of bindings, although it fits fine with two full kits, and either one or two pair of boots along with a bunch of clothes and bs. Very easy to get over the 50-lbs requirement for air travel, so watch out. Overall this has been a great bag, and is better than then da kine model I bought to share with my wife in terms of convenience and construction quality. I anticpiate this will last a number of additional years. The wheels are great, and I'm happy with the handle. The additional feature of the step-up bag, I believe, is a telescopic handle; however, I don't think that would be any benefit at all since it's already somewhat difficult to negotiate an airport with a 181-cm bag in tow. If you've got the extra cash and you're serious about snowboarding, spend a little extra and get this set-up over anything cheaper you may be considering -b
"Fine pole, but need three-piece to fit in backpack" 9/14/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Black Diamond Traverse Ski Poles
  • Pros:  Solid collapsible system, changeable baskets, The two-piece has a lower grip not on the three, Tough and light enough
  • Cons:  Doesn't collapse short enough to go into backpack, without a high chance of skewering yourself on the, ride down the hill ...

Experience:   If you're snowboarding in the backcountry you need hiking poles, that's just the way it is. While I will sometimes use them on the ride down if it's relatively flat and I think I might need to gondola and push myself to keep up speed, I generally prefer to collapse them and thrown them on my pack if it's steep (so I don't spear myself or lose the poles, etc.). BD are geneally the most popular BC hiking pole out there, and the flick lock system has proved indestructible to me. HOwever, the two-piece pole collapsess to a length that's just too long to put on your pack. I have started using last year's BD three-piece poles which are better (and given these to a telemark friend) and I'm told there is an even better three-piece collapsible from BD coming out this year FTW. We'll see ... -b
"Nice color, quality web-belt if that's what your into" 9/12/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Volcom Pistol Webbing Belt Men's
  • Pros:  keeps your pants up, nice color, sublimated print looks good,
  • Cons:  no loopy-thing to hold the end of the belt up, so it hangs a bit if you're skinny,

Experience:   Received this last week and have been wearing it a bit. Caveat: I intend to wear this on my snow pants but haven't done it yet, not sure if the color will run (since it hasn't gotten wet) so I can't comment on that, but it looks like it might. Anyway this has the obvious clamp style design, so you can make it any size you want, but it doesn't have a loop to keep up the extra bit so it will do a little hanging if you're skinny. There's a metal piece on the hangy-end as well, so that flops about. I like the brown/black print color, looks good and the brown really pops. OK that's all for now, I don't want to be accused of thinking too much about my belt color. -b
"was hoping for a bit more comfort" 9/12/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Gravis Hemperpedic Sandals
  • Pros:  cheap, thick soles, solid looks (am I the only one that likes Gravis?),
  • Cons:  scratchy thong (ouch!), needs a break-in period,

Experience:   Had these thrown in on another order (like other poster says, how can you go wrong for $6?) because I need some new sandals. These were the pick of the litter from the Gravis pile -- I have gotten a NUMBER of gravis shoes from this site for liquidation prices, although people complain there are no more 70% off gear sales, the Gravis shoe barn at TS is still rocking a goodly-sized inventory of CHEAP stuff. I have only worn these a few times, and I think they are going to get better; however, they gave me a bad chafe after a Saturday of Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond and Farmer's Market extravaganza-ing with my wife. It sounds obvious but the Hemp is a little scratchy. So be prepared for that. otherwise, it's a nice thick, damp sole, which I'm happy with. So there you have it ... -b
"fine for cheap, fashion sunglasses" 9/5/2011
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  • Name: 2011 Neff Daily Sunglasses Men's
  • Pros:  cheap, OK for vision, fashionable, I suppose, numerous colors available

Experience:   Grabbed these from TS (and later a new pair of oakleys, separate review) after losing a trusty pair of glasses I'd had for some time . . . . Generally speaking, these are just cheap fashion sunglasses. I have the Blue colorway which is really teal and purple. They have gradient lenses so if you like that it's a plus, I find it tricks me into thinking I'm wearing polarized lenses without the accompanying optic benefits of polarized. These are a bit bigger than they looked (to me anyway) in the photo, and I do think they'll be cool for keeping in my pocket and hanging out during snowboarding. I've worn them wakeboarding a couple times and these look cool and were just fine on the boat. So there you have it

Comments & Questions

| | | bryman | | |
A word on the fit -- sits very close to the top of my nose but slants away fro my eyes, no problem with my eyelashes hitting and tickling like some lenses. Generally comfortable, perhaps would be a bit tight at the temples if you have a wider head (mine's fairly slim)

"solid sunnies" 9/5/2011
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  • Name: 2011 Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses
  • Pros:  fit works with my head, lens color (black iridium) is correct for me,
  • Cons:  Price is always an issue, Only came in the white color from TS,

Experience:   Picked these up a couple weeks back after losing my hijinx (Bruce Irons pro model) on an airplane. Had plans to replace the hijinx forever because they were too big for my face but eventually fell in love with them because they were already a little beat, easy plastic slip on/off and had a cool look. Well then I lost them. Picked these up (white with black iridium lens available on TS at time of this review) and have been please so far. The lenses (still fairly new) are crystal clear at this time, and the color is very dark which is good for me because I live in the desert. These have a bit lower profile top of the lenses (flat, generally speaking) and fit under the bill of a hat better than the hijinx did. I've taken them backpacking once and a few times in the water, and they haven't had a problem with fogging yet (we'll see when winter comes). The white look isn't exactly my style but it's what was available wiht the TS discount, and it's growing on me. I like the full plastic frames with plastic hinges, easy to put on and adjust with one hand that way (e.g., no rubber place holders on your hair). TTFN
"durable shell, bomber fabric" 8/19/2011
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  • Name: 2010 Burton AK 3L Hover Snowboard Pants Men's
  • Pros:  fabric is waterproof, thick and tough,
  • Cons:  sewn-on, outside pockets, no nets on vents, no lining whatsoever, can get sweaty
  • Pant Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  nice active fit, i like the [ak] fit

Experience:   As noted in the other reviews, the 3L gore-tex fabric is it. Super expensive (so get these as a past year, on sale ONLY), but it is what it is. I started the year with these as my resort pants but ended with these as my main backcountry hiking pants. When hiking, I often prefer to wear only capilene boxers and skip any other kind of liner-layers; however, that's not the best idea with these because they are unlined and just don't have any wicking capability whatsoever. That means they get a little greasy around the knee area (I've ordered some 2L cyclics for this year and I think the mesh lining is going to be the best). As also noted by others there is no netting in the vents -- I like the outside vents but with no netting and only boxers it's akin to being naked while hiking -- so be aware and prepare to vent accordingly. My pants have the zip-link system, which I also have on a number of Burton/AG jackets and I'm a big fan of this for the resort (it's only available on Volcom products from 2011-on, must have been some lawsuit or something). All of that said if you're buying these it's for the fabric. I've slid over lava rocks with this stuff, beat it on trees, obviously slid on the snow and ice and whatever else you can think of, and the stuff is tough. There is some wear, some minor holes, and some duct tape on the heels, but it's holding up pretty well considering. -b
"I miss my Bruce Irons promodel!" 8/15/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses Men's
  • Pros:  Nearly indestuctible, Wide range of conditions/uses, Don't show wear marks, take scratches well
  • Cons:  Didn't quite fit my thin face, Can fog up easy during activity in cold conditions, Lenses not polarized

Experience:   Well I didn't want to post a review of these because I didn't want to jinx it and lose them . . . but I think I left them on the plane last night coming back from a wakeboard trip to Tennessee so it's too late now. I actually found a pair of these on the beach about a year and a half ago. When I saw the picture of hawaii and the signature I was stoked because I knew it was the Bruce Irons promodel and that guy is a stud. But about the glasses . . . I have worn these all over the place since I first got (and cleaned) them. They are a bit wide for my face, which is thin, but they fit well enough to be able to wear them over a hat, even if the bill is all farmer-rolled up like I sometimes do. The smooth plastic is good for sliding over/under hats. These were my winter hiking sunnies of choice for BC trips. Although they sometimes fog it was fairly easily controlled with air movement from the sides/top. Would have liked polarized lenses but the dark grey was a color that grew on me. I often wore these in the water (most recently boozing/floating in Tennessee) and that was never a problem. Sad, sad day . . . -b
"no glue, breaks easily, poor material" 2/25/2011
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  • Name: 2006 Dakine BFly Snowboard Stomp
  • Pros:  looked nice for my wife's board, price (basically free),
  • Cons:  glue came off, broke into pieces,

Experience:   Since there are only 44 reviews of this stomp pad I thought I'd add my two cents. Purchased this from Sierra to put on my wife's Fish LTD (what a bad-ass board that is, truly). When it arrived I promptly attempted to apply -- but the glue peeled off with the sticker and I was unable to re-attach. uugghh. Because it looked so cool, we were not phased, and used some kind of epoxy glue we found in the garage, which seemed to work just fine. Until she actually used the board, that is. First the butterfly head fell off. Then the top left wing. Then the lower left wing. Then the poor butterfly's a$$. Now there is just a busted-up stomped-a$$ looking bug, which apparently works pretty well as a stomp pad on her powder board, so whatever. But now you know -b
"solid traditional-lace boots" 2/24/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Burton Sabbath
  • Pros:  style, durability, comfort,
  • Cons:  traditional lacing system only, will pack out after use,
  • Fit:  mid
  • Flex:  mid
  • Shoe Size:  10
  • Boot Size:  10

Experience:   Grabbed these boots at a local bro-brah board shop a few years ago and abused the hell out of them unti this season when I replaced them with drivers. In relation to the drivers, of course, these boots seemed like they were very flexy, however I'd rate them at a medium based on my use of them over the entire time I had them. In my experience Burton boots last about a season in regard to responsiveness, but visually they will look just fine infinitely, and these still look like they're brand-new even though I used them for three years. I eventually replaced the in-soles with true orthotics. I also zapped in the J-bars and I used the plastic tongue stiffener the entire time I had the boots because I do like things a little more responsive in general. As far as comfort these are great boots, the air pads are still rocking and you can basically drop out of the sky with the things. For the years it was out the sabbath was generally, in my opinion, the best-looking boot on the market and these were no exception. One qualm that I had was that this model came only with the trad lacing system. Having used speedzone for a while now I believe that is a MUCHO better system. (NOTE: I think these were replaced by the Grail, for what it's worth). -b
"thick fabric, waterproof, generally bad-ass" 2/24/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Burton Ronin 3L Snowboard Pants - Men's
  • Pros:  durable, thick, waterproof, great style,
  • Cons:  outside will get wet after wear, no leg-raise system to protect bottom of pants,
  • Pant Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  burton signature

Experience:   Funny story: I actually purchased a pair of these at the Sacto sierra physical store before it went away, and before I even joined and started purchasing things through the site. Can you imagine paying tax and not getting points for your purchase? Anways, they were a great pair of pants that have finally eased their way out of the rotation. The 3L fabric is bomber construction. Very waterproof; however, the outside will get wet once the initial layer wears off. Even when the pants are wet on the outside, though, they are waterproof down to the bone. As far as style, I am definitely sad that Burton discontinued the Ronin line, I was a fan. these fit just right, baggy but still great in all the right places, and I (at least) thought I looked cool. I treated these hard for three seasons, and they'd still work if I didn't have better options in the closet. the venting system was also good. With these being heavy pants initially, Burton went ahead and added outer leg vents with bomber zippers. Usually not a fan but it worked in this set up. Overall one of my favorite pieces of gear -b
"solid jacked, lasted several seasons" 2/24/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Ronin 2L
  • Pros:  waterproof, durable, als lining just right insulat, plenty of pockets in a convenient setup, color (black)
  • Cons:  no zip interface, velcro on sleeves first to wear out,
  • Jacket Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  just right

Experience:   I rocked this as my go-to jacket for several seasons until last year, when the thing was finally so worn out I had to replace. Still have in the arsenal for spring days or when the new model is drrty or wet. The 2L construction is solid, very (although not totally) waterproof, and I really liked the slippery fabric, which allowed snow/water to roll off as opposed to rougher fabrics that let it soak in. Perhaps my favorite feature was the pass pocket located under a zipper on my left-hand sleeve -- just pull for identification and your pass jumps out, put it back in to ride. I also was a big fan of the ALS mesh lining in this jacket, not too hot and not too cold, that mesh keeps the outer fabric off your skin in a way that allows for both insulation and breathability. Finally, the venting system of this jacket was something I also enjoyed. Instead of pit zips, this jacket has tit zips under the chest pockets in combination with outer-sleeve zippers that allow for quality cross-venting. (Final final note, as with many burton jackets there is a roach clip on an eleastic string in the google pocket -- great stuff). All in all it's too bad this legacy isn't still in the daily rotation, but if you can find one you should grab it -b
"just not good enough" 2/23/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Burton Profile Snowboard Mitts 3D Print - Men's
  • Pros:  cost, not too bad looking,
  • Cons:  construction quality is not there, the palm/finger material is not strong enough, GO WITH A LEATHER PALM

Experience:   I unfortunately purchased a pair of these a couple years back when I was at a resort but forgot to bring my regular mitts. Normally I only purchase mittens/gloves with a leather, or at least a thick synthetic-leather palm, as the plastic/rubber variations just don't get it done. Although it made it through the first day, this mitt is no exception, and the palm/fingers began to rip and tear almost immediately. Perhaps if you are a skiier you can get away with it, but with the constant buckling, rope-grabbing, etc., done while snowboarding this is a major flaw. The mitts are probably waterproof enough on the backs, and insulated enough all around, but they need a tougher palm material. This goes for basically all similar mittens/gloves -- go with leather or at least synthetic leather. That's why I rated this prody sucks -b P.S. I still have these in my drawer at home if anyone wants a trashed pair of mitts !!!
"comfortable, adjustable and sound just fine" 2/23/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Skullcandy Icon Headphones
  • Pros:  confortable for snowboarders!, relatively inexpensive, sound fine for 30mm drivers
  • Cons:  don't have sound or construction quality of pricie, r versions, but what do you expect from a simple p, air of sport headphones

Experience:   I got a free pair of icons a few years back with a Sierra purchase (white plastic, blue/gold switchable plates, white synthetic leather cushions) and have been wearing them snowboarding at the resorts since that time. Generally put them outside the hat, under the goggles (a-frames usually). When I want it loud I push them back over the ears, if not I slide them forward. Great system to work that way. Have used them with several different mp3 players and all generally provide good but not great sound quality. actually it's surprisingly good when I slide them back directly over the years. Since they were free, and are never expensive, I have really beat them up but they still work. They are comfortable with the leather cushion (and easy to slide over fabric) and the tilted ear pieces also fit just right. They are not too big. NOt really sure how they look but I also do not care about that. Overall a good headphone and I wouldn't hesitate to snag another pair of these when these finally get lost or break. -b
"you must have a down puffy, and this is a good choice" 2/23/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Patagonia Down Sweater
  • Pros:  superlight and warm, packable, durable
  • Cons:  this is NOT snowboard outerwear, some other brands seem better packed,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  just right

Experience:   A light down puffy is a necessary piece in your arsenal, and the patagonia is a nice piece. This is a jacket that you should get to fit relatively tight, as the insulating properties are mainly lost if you have a loose fit. Also, you don't generally wear your down sweater (at least in the field) as outerwear since it is not very waterproof and the down will not insulate when wet. instead, it is meant to go under a shell if you are doing very cold snowsports or mountaineering. I have an eddie bauer/first ascent downlight sweater and I actually like that a little better as the material is lighter and the material feels a bit more snugly packed. Generally, my puffy stays packed in my backcountry pack until I hit the top of the hill, where I'll throw it on to stay warm while I'm not hiking. I also have a synthetic insulation nanopuff from Patagonia and that has been my go to lately. -b
"cool fashion belt, but cheap construction" 2/22/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Forum Destroyer Belt
  • Pros:  looks nice, price was right, fasion, sizing correct,
  • Cons:  poor construction, slippery when wet,

Experience:   purchased this belt at a great deal in local boardshop for general snowboarding and also wore a number of times to keep my pants up. Looks great and fit right, but the cheap construction is not intended to last, especially in a situation (like snowboarding, duh) where it's going to get wet. The synthetic leather easily pulls, and without grommets or something to protect the holes they stretch and actually tear after a while. If you're lucky enough to find this on a past-season deal, go ahead, but don't plan on this belt lasting for more than a season. -b
"Solid resort back, too small for backcountry" 2/21/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Dakine Heli
  • Pros:  durable, solid suspension system, hydration compatible,
  • Cons:  size, too small for backcountry gear,

Experience:   I've rocked the heli-pack for a very long time (my model is actually a prior year, it's a 12-liter size but is comparable enough for review here) and find it to be a fine resort pack, but too small for the backcountry as I can't fit enough food, water, extra layers and avy gear to get me through a day of hiking. I've since upgraded to a ~30-liter pack and I think that's where you need to go if you're looking to hike for your turns. That being said, the heli-pack is very nice for what it is. Has bomber construction, and mine is still in great shape after beating the $h!t out of it for a few years. Is big enough for food and water at the resort, or a few beers or whatever, if that's what you're into. My suspension (straps and belts) system also feels great, ever when I have had a board strapped on the back (used it many times for snowshoe trips). Overall great bag, just a little small, so there you go -b
"comfy, breathable, stylish and light" 2/11/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Gravis Makani
  • Pros:  stylish, comfy, breathable and light, price,
  • Cons:  sole is slippery when wet, construction on the less than durable side,

Experience:   As with my other gravis reviews, picked these up this summer with a pile of shoes during the sale (apparently never ending) that made these shoes a great deal. The other pairs I purchased were more skate-inspired style, but this is a bit more of a running-looking street shoe. They are very light, and do not feel that well made. However, also quite comfortable and I like that they are breathable. The soles get slippery when wet, and I don't think this makes much of a winter shoe for those reasons. They look better in person than in the photo, and you can see me rocking them with my thuggie if you check out my profile pictures. -b
"OK street shoe, couple worthless accents" 2/10/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Gravis Cortex Exp Skate Shoes Men's
  • Pros:  PRICE, solid construction, OK style (little chunky),
  • Cons:  not sure what the side button is for, low in back, tongue not packing out,

Experience:   Ordered these along with a boatload of gravis shoes this summer (the sale on this site makes it worth taking a flyer on about five pair at a time, will probably be doing that again). I like the simplicty of the lawrence better and will likely get another pair of those. These are a bit chunkier and feel more like the skate shoes I was wearing in Junior High. They've mainly been relegated to my pre- and post-snowboarding shoes. Came with an extra pair of laces (that I managed to lose somehow . . . where TF did I put those?) for some unknown reason. The sole has a very nice grippy rubber and a fine traction that I do appreciate, but they're a bit stiff as you walk around. While I generally like a very padded toungue, these have too much padding near the top -- hard to explain, I guess -- and push on the tops of my feet in a strange way that I thought would end but they still haven't packed out . . . . This is a fine street shoe to throw in the style mix if you can get it cheap -b P.S. Sorry but I can't skateboard for $h!t so I can't comment on the ollie-ability of these kicks, if you were interested in that !!!
"fine mitten, conversion feature essentially worthless" 2/10/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Grenade Gren Aids Snowboard Mitts Men's
  • Pros:  warm enough, relatively waterproof, great style, comfortable enough for nosewipe, price
  • Cons:  could be better gauntlet,

Experience:   I have these in yellow (probably prior year, have an angry orange deer painting on the leather palms, great graphic) and have been wearing them for a solid season of resort riding. Although I listed them as warm enough about, I generally use a pair of smartwool baselayer gloves underneath when I ride, and I specifically got a big enough size to allow a baselayer. Overall these are a nice, canvas mitten with a sturdy leather palm (which I find to be a necessity). I never use the zipper/finger function when riding, but it is nice to unzip when drying after riding if your gear gets wet. These aren't super bomber waterproof but they're good enough for government work, I've been pleased. Absent wear on the palms -- and I recently threw on some nikwax even though it's not entirely wonderful on synthetic -- the gloves are still in good condition after about a season of hard use. -b
"solid shoes, unbeatable price" 2/8/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Gravis Lawrence Skate Shoes Men's
  • Pros:  look good, fit just right, comfortable,
  • Cons:  not the toughest construction, quality,

Experience:   I loaded up on Gravis shoes during a sale last year, and this is one of my favorite pairs. These are skate-looking shoes that don't feel nearly as chunky as some I've had, including a pair of similar-looking Etnies I wore forever. These fit right, look great, are confortable and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair -b
"pretty rad but NOT a snowboarding hat" 2/8/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Analog Regulation
  • Pros:  comfortable, oft cotton, nice style, fits well,
  • Cons:  not warm on the slopes,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  like a hat

Experience:   Ordered this hat in Optic this past summer and have been rocking it a lot on the way to and from the hill this year. Since this is cotton, and very thin, this hat would not be recommended for actually snowboarding, it is very cold (have worn it on a couple warm days, still not good enough). However it's great when you're in the car, in the house or in the lodge, and it looks good (I'm told) with my sunnies. If you can find one of these hook it up -b
"fine padded bag, the 200cm is TOO BIG" 2/8/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Dakine Overload Convertible (180cm)
  • Pros:  mucho space, double your pleasure, solid construction, rolly wheels
  • Cons:  WRONG SIZE !!!, no compartments, boot bags,

Experience:   Ordered this for my wife last year (great deal, thanks Sierra)before a big trip. Ordered in 180cm to comply with stoopid airline regulations (as I interpreted them at the time). When it arrived, it looked WAAAYYY bigger than my 184 cm burton wheelie bag, so I got out my measuring stick and SURE ENOUGH it was 200 cm. The da kine tag actually said 180, so I can't hold it against the seller. Also it was just a few days before the trip, so we had to suck it up. I've never used both bags (it comes with two) at the same time on the same trip, but it is useful to have additional bag options at times. Bottom line, solid bag at a solid deal, MAKE SURE you get the size you want. -b
"fine, durable synthetic piece" 2/7/2011
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  • Name: 2010 Patagonia Cap 2 T Shirt Thermal Top
  • Pros:  wicks, drys fast, recyclable through common threads program, essential baselayer
  • Cons:  can get stinky, synthetic inherently not as good as wool,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  dead on, patagonia usually errs on the tite side

Experience:   I own a respectable pile of various capilene t-shirts, including this cap 2 T in short in long sleeve. For years I was a believer in synthetics, but recently I've seen the light of wool (and been lucky enough to purchase several wool baselayers). Patagonia is definitely my favoite baselayer brand, and capilene is the best synthetic out there that I know about. The cons with this shirt are the same as with other synthetics: not as warm as wool and can get stinky if worn for multiple days. That being said I wear these all the time for summer sports, winter sports and whatever else you can think of -b
"Essential piece" 2/7/2011
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  • Name: 2011 Patagonia R2 Ski Fleece Men's
  • Pros:  wear anywhere, MOST versatile Patagonia piece I own,
  • Cons:  Eventually wears out, NEW R2 fabric this year,
  • Jacket Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  perfect

Experience:   As somewhat of a Patagonia hore (probably due to the proximity and deals of the outlet here in No-town) I have A LOT of Patagonia pieces and my wife and I both (and everyone we know) all rock the R2 as an essential wardrobe piece and have done so for a number of years. In addition to using this as action sports gear, I wear it in my law offic probably 3 out of 5 days a week, it's great with a t-shirt, button-down, polo or basically whatever. Althought it's fuzzy it actually sheds dog hair fairly well. Not a big fan of the new R2 fabric, but you can still get past year's if you know where to look, and the new ones aren't bad either. GET THE R2 IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE IT -b
"bomber and light" 2/7/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Burton AK 3L Hover Snowboard Pants - Men's
  • Pros:  very waterproof, extremely light and breathable,
  • Cons:  could have more pockets, tears pretty easily, no crotch zips, vents on outside of legs
  • Pant Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  what you'd expect from burton pants

Experience:   Picked these up this summer at a ridiculous price (since they're 3-4 years old) and have spent about a week in them. Generally use these for backcountry/hiking pants, got them in size large and would generally rock an XL at the resort. Good sizing for hiking on my split, vetns are on the outside of the legs which is a bit strange but actually allows for good cross flow when the wind is blowing. Gore-tex 3l is obviously the ish, and these are totally waterproof as you'd expect. I picked up the roasted smoke camo color, very tasteful as you really can imagine. Have a few small holes after use (from what I'm not sure), so wouldn't suggest treating these too hard. final note, the fabric is REALLY light and SUPER breathable, which is good, tho I generally wear a full thin wool layer underneath even when hiking. -b
"solid pack with plenty of accessory attachments" 1/31/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton AK 31L H20 Pack
  • Pros:  roomy, waterproof, plenty of external attachments, vertical board carry system is solid
  • Cons:  no internal shovel/probe compartments, waist strap could be more substantial,

Experience:   Let's see, I received this pack for christmas and have used it in the tahoe-area backcountry about 10-12 days so far. It's a solid pack, and is replacing an old-school da kine heli-pack I carried for ever. This is bigger, which is necessary foro me because I carry a bunch of b.s. when I'm in the BC, including shovel/probe, puffy/windbreaker, water, extra layer, food, crampons, first-aid/emergency gear and sometimes a snowboard if I'm not on the split or am carrying my wife's board out of the goodness of my heart. Here's what I know about this pack. First of all, it has the most thoughtful single accessory I've ever seen in that the sternum-strap buckle has a molded-in plastic whistle. Very cool. When I got this pack I liked that it had nice external carry do-hickey's for shovel/probe; however, now that I've studied up it's apparently better to carry those things within an internal compartment so they don't get ripped off in a slide, and I learned that in my level 1 avy class as well. Still I generally keep these in their place on the pack because that's where they fit, and they've seemed pretty solid to date. (Note, your shovel blade will ONLY stay in it's upside-down carrier on the outside of the pack if it has a handle attachment to fit in the slot -- if the blade is just square it will fall out because it can't fit into the velcro holder). The vertical board carry system feels extremely solid especially when the compression straps are tightened all the way, although I've mainly used it to carry my wife's fish-ltd. 150 which is the lightest board I've ever encountered. This pack has only one main compartment, with a small lined pocket at the top and an internal hydration bladder-holder, which has a large zipper across the top and down one side that makes it easy to access. I like to keep it simple so that works for me.
"super cush and light, responsive enough" 12/8/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings
  • Pros:  very comfortable, love the straps, classic stylez,
  • Cons:  could be a little stiffer for my taste,
  • Flex:  mid

Experience:   Picked these up this summer in black (size L) to pair with my new custom vrocker (fantastic looking setup, for what it's worth). Got a good deal but am somewhat miffed at Burton's new pricing scheme -- although we're all rejoicing at the lowered prices, it just goes to show how inflated everything was last year -- and have ridden these on the vrocker with both my old Sabbath boots and new Driver X's. First thing I noticed was, obviously, the supreme comfort of this setup. Since I'm somewhat of a control freak I might like a bit stiffer set up, but these do perform well. Edge to edge not as fast as I'm accustomed to, but that might partly be a factor of the mid-wide nature of the vrocker which adds like 5 mm to the waist width. I'm a fan of EST for its easy adjustability and infinite stance options, but with my setup I don't really think it provides a much different board feel than un-base-less bindings. A word on the asym heel straps -- they FN rock. These are the most comfortable straps I've ever worn. Not sure if it gives additional nose and tail pressability or if it's just a side-effect of the vrocker, but can certainly bend that mother. Overall very happy with these binders so far -b
"solid fun board, all-mountain freestyle" 12/7/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Custom V-Rocker
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Pros:  all-around workhorse, powder float both directions, more stable than I thought it would be
  • Cons:  haven't really found them yet,

Experience:   Bought a 159 this summer from Sierra (during one of the last ridiculous sales, highly doubt we'll ever see another deal like that). As far as color it's classier than I thought it would be, the orange scheme practically glows and I got lucky with the placement of the orange as compared to the white and black on the base . . . but none of that matters so I digress. This is my first v-rocker board so I was concerned about stability at speed of course. I also downsized a few cm's from the all mountain boards I usually ride (162-3 ish). Paired with a new set of last-year's malavitas. Have not ridden this on icy surfaces yet but it certain excels in soft conditions. Had a heavy Tahoe powder day yesterday and was extremely surprized at how well this thing floats. My set-up was centered, and I still did not bury the nose, and it took very little effort to refrain from sinking. Also was shocked at the ability to float in powder riding switch, not something I've been able to do before so this is going to be fun definitely. Spent some time riding steep and (relatively) deep (at least for early December) and the board performed well. Still felt like a short board navigating that stuff, but it was a good combination of the stabilty and navigability, really quick turn radius. The board definitely has pop as well, overall I think I'll be spending a lot of time on this board.
"as advertised so far" 12/7/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Driver X Snowboard Boots Men's
  • Pros:  brown/pink color fantastic, like the lacing system, give good control
  • Cons:  no place to put laces pull tab, no hook for pant gaitors,
  • Fit:  mid
  • Flex:  stiff
  • Shoe Size:  10
  • Boot Size:  10

Experience:   Ok I've been out 7 times this year now and have ridden 5 days with my new Driver X's (2010) which I ordered this fall (note: ordered from the House like a day before the sierra purchase was announced . . . ). Got the chocolate/red color, which is really brown/pink, and overall looks pretty rad. (I also saw a photo of someone riding this color scheme from the Jeremy Jones deeper project after I ordered so I believe that's verification for my entire belief system). I purchased these mainly to pair with my splitty system (2009 burton s-series, SparkR&D Fuzes) for backcountry this year, but even my newest boots are fairly broke down so I'll likely be riding these all over the mountain. That's what I've been doing so far, and they don't feel out of place anywhere. I've had the drivers in my freestyle set up (old cartels on an old Se7en that I still love to rock), in more of an all-mountain (p1's on my Custom 162) and after yesterday on my new custom vrocker 159 (which is a mid-wide, with last-year's malavitas) and they've been solid all-around performers. Actually seem to have plenty of flex to stay comfortable and move around, but still giving great control. I do not live in the park by any means, but I'd still classify these as a fine all-mountain boot and not just freeride. I've noticed a bit of loosening on the upper zone when riding, but I do have skinny lower legs so this is often a problem for me. It could just be packing out that has occurred, and a quick pull on the zone has been sufficient to dial it in to date. These are my first boots with the speedzone lacing system so I haven't entirely gotten used to how tight everything needs to be to balance control with necessary foot circulation . . . . Definitely happy with my purchase so far, will look to update this review after I have a chance to get a few days hiking and splitboarding in these kicks. -b
"NEVER discontinue this classic goggle" 8/18/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Oakley A Frame-MattteWht/H.I.Persimmon
  • Pros:  a million available lenses, classic look, all-around solid
  • Cons:  everyone else has them, strap not so great with helmet size,

Experience:   Both my wife and I have been rocking these for about 5 years now -- one incantation I have is the white frame but we actually have three frames and 6 lenses between us -- and we love these things for sure. The frames can be picked up cheap, and they are ubiquitous, I hope they never discontinue. Extremely comfortable for my (kind of thin) face, also give good range of vision where you need it. Anti-fog is solid, but I did ruin a set of lenses back in the day through frustration on a warm, wet snowing day when I touched the inside -- don't do that. All in all, I think you can't go wrong with the a-frames. As far as lens combos, hi-intensity yellow and/or persimmon will get you through low-light days, the darker lenses are great all year long here in Tahoe. -b
"nice specialty gloves for people with extra fingers" 5/28/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Ronin Piste Off
  • Pros:  sticky, useful palm grip material, good for warm weather, 12 fingers (OK 10+two thumb) -- not just a gimmick
  • Cons:  little on the thin side,

Experience:   very much enjoy using these for warm weather, pairing with a hoodie on blue-bird park days. Like I said above they're a little thin, but the extra finger is hilarious and actually pretty useful for nose-wiping. Not sure if Burton was selling enough of these to acctually do a re-run this year (2010) but interested to see if they do it again next year.
"solid choice for entry-level rider" 5/26/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Moto
  • Pros:  PRICE IS RIGHT!, simple boot, no frills,
  • Cons:  lacks support required for more advanced,
  • Fit:  mid
  • Flex:  soft
  • Shoe Size:  10
  • Boot Size:  10

Experience:   This boot is a great choice for entry-level rider who doesn't want to break the bank and doesn't need a bunch of gimmicks and frills. Not too much support, but relatively light and fits true to size. Also good for riding snow machines! (But that's pretty much the case with all sb boots)
"super flex makes it easy" 5/25/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton The Hero Snowboard Men's
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Butters,Jibs,Jumps,Low Speeds,Switch Riding
  • Pros:  easy to ride, fun flex, butter with rocker,
  • Cons:  little too soft for all-mountain,

Experience:   love Burton's description of the board (although as I get older I'm not quote sure whether I want a bike pump to give me more balls or not . . . ). Anyway, easy flex board, can ride out of anything, easy to press, spin and butter as a result. better than I thought all mountain but need a stiffer board for most of that stuff (go custom vrocker if available if you want all mountain)
"dragonfly and vaporskin -- what a REAL LTD should have" 5/24/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Fish LTD
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Use:  Powder
  • Pros:  super super light, classy graphics, unbelievable float
  • Cons:  expensive -- but not from Sierra,

Experience:   Actually throwing down this review for my wife, who was lucky enough to have me purchase this board in 150 along with a set of soul-glow blue LEXA EST's from Sierra right in the middle of this season. (Needless to say it was at a ridiculous discount, Thx Sierra!) This is probably the best powder board that's ever been made, and the proof of that is in the fact that Burton decided to dumb down the 2010 Fish LTD by taking out the super good stuff that makes this board what it is. She loves it, of course, for the amazing float. Been out with her in waist-deep several times in the backcountry, my experience with the board has generally been packing it up the hill for her (I ride my split board on these trips) and handing off at the top -- but that will be ending when I get some EST bindings for next season as I'll be stealing this for resort powder days when she's not around! It is so light I forget it's on my back, and she looks like a pro surfer ripping cut-backs in the super pow. Even though my s-series is a great floater she always zooms right by me when we get to the flats so I suppose this might be better . . . .
"greed topsheet still irking parents after almost 10 years" 5/23/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2003 Burton Seven
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Butters,Jibs,Jumps,Switch Riding
  • Pros:  super flexy, true twin, best graphics of all time

Experience:   I got my 2003 with the greed topsheet (sublimated twin birds flying, best grafix ever) in size 158 the summar after it came out for a great deal -- been spending a few days every year on it since that time. Did I mention best graphics ever? This is a really fun board for flat riding tricks, butters and just screwing around, but floats OK in powder and and is also great for landings because you can ride out of any spin angle at all. Not so great for carving as is a problem for me with all FS boards but it's good for what it's good for. This was also the last Se7en with the higher-quality core so that's good for me, I don't grind it up too much
"watermelon is the new pink" 5/23/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Coal Frena Solid
  • Pros:  can wear up or folded back, hot colors, solid brand, warm
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  cat on a hot tin roof

Experience:   ordered a watermelon to compliment another order, and was a little shocked to see it was hot pink when I got it (i've adjusted my moniter since then). Love it though, looks great with other gear, super warm (sometimes too warm for Tahoe so go with a patagonia skully) and this is the archetypal fit
"backcountry access" 5/22/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton S-Series
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Use:  Off Trail,Powder
  • Pros:  easy take down with voile set up, good powder float, can't believe the deal at Sierra
  • Cons:  heavy (not much you can do about it for splitty), torsionally flexy (again, whattya do),

Experience:   Found this splitty this season for 50% off at Sierra, which is basically unheard of and I think they only lasted like 2 hours on the site . . . . Anyway this is my first split board and I'm definitely hooked. Unfortunately had to get skins and binding set up from [insert other retailer here] and that cost an arm and a leg or two. Was really surprized on my first ride how well board floats in powder, might actually be better than my late-90's supermodel I've been riding for 100 years. After riding the Voile set up with Burton customs for a couple months I had the opportunity to get a pair of decked-out SparkR&D Fuzes on site while in Bozeman. Those bindings made a huge difference in both weight and stability, they stopped the torsion flexing and also look super custom. I've seen voile is doing a light rail binding which is pretty much a SparkR&D knock off but it signals there's some demand for these things so I'll see you out there ripping -- p.s. be careful in the backcountry and get some avvy skills so skiiers can't complain when they drag your frozen carcass off the hill!
"solid piece but . . . zipper backwards" 5/22/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Analog Strategy
  • Pros:  pockets! Flap pocket functional too, bulletproof fabric, ridiculous deal (thanks sierra)
  • Jacket Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  baggy not droopy

Experience:   Got this jacket along with strategy pants this season at 70% off from sierra, what a great deal. When I first tried them on realized that the zipper for the powder skirt -- which I was kinda stoked re: using -- was actually sewn into the jacket BACKWARDS! Or maybe it was in the pants backwards but either way WTF right? Was a simply $15 fix to have local tailor shoppe turn the zipper around and now my a$$ is dry again Like the pockets -- wasn't sure about the flap at first but it's actually pretty useful
"design unlikely futures" 5/22/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Analog Strategy
  • Pros:  tough fabric, amazing deal at Sierra, good front pockets
  • Cons:  sold out of green color when I purchased, only velcro pockets in rear,
  • Pant Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  baggy but not droopy

Experience:   Got these pants this season before Jackson Hole/Big Sky trip (missed the snow but quality week nonetheless). Worn pry 10 times during and after trim and still seem new -- like the parking lot straps to hike up the bottoms, sometimes use those when riding so pants don't drag under edges. Not sure what design unlikely futures really means but like the moxy. Got these at ~70% off (thx sierra) along with jacket (in black). Jacket's powder skirt zipper was actually sewn in backwayrds (seriously) but that's the subject of a different review . . . .

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