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Piranha Name piranha
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Gender: Male
Age: 117
Languages: English
Years Riding: 8
Average Days/Year: 21
Skill Level: resort powder rider
Riding Style: freeride
Area of Expertise: view all expertise
Preferred Terrain: powder, backcountry
Sizing Info  
Height/Weight: 6'0, 175 lbs
Board Size: 163
Boot Size: 10+
Clothing Size: L
Jacket Size: L
Pants Size: L
Thermal Size: M
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Region: California
Location: So-Cal
Resort: Sierra Summit
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"no likee" 10/19/2009
Helpful Review?   (3) Yes    (2) No

  • Name: 2009 Flow Team
  • Pros:  high end materials, light, highly configurable
  • Cons:  unimpressive performance, expensive, tiny ratchets
  • Flex:  mid

Experience:   At this price, there was little chance I would have bought these, but had to demo them just to be sure if the many negative reviews on flows I'd read didn't pertain to me. This was their highest-end binding, so I knew I should really be able to judge all Flows on them. Unfortunately, they weren't nearly as stiff as marketed, I hated the way they fit/felt and the rear-entry system kept locking up, making them as slow to get on as standard bindings. Finally, their performance wasn't as good as my rome Targa (which I got at almost 1/4 the price of these Flows)

Comments & Questions

The price dropped to $125! =) I dont know if you got a chance to configure them correctly. Flow take a bit to configure and adjust to your boot. Once you do they should be great. I just bought these Ill make another review after I get a chance to ride it.

woo! i paid $125 even. w/ free shipping. def upgrade from my 2008 rome arsenals. ill post a review after i get a chance to take them out. with a price of 125 i couldnt pass them up.

"blues for people with low arches" 10/7/2009
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Superfeet Footbeds B
  • Pros:  practically eliminates heel lift, for flatter feet, blues = lower arches than green , well padded

Experience:   When I was first recommended Superfeet, I bought the wintergreen (discontinued) because they were marketed for snow sports. Unfortunately, I found the arches on greens to be way too high for my feet and that caused pain after a few hours riding. I have since dropped down to the blues because they have a lower arch, yet still have a similar heel and padding as greens. The pain has gone and I can ride all day.
"Freedom Fit 4 snowboarders" 3/25/2014
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Special Blend Utility Snowboard Jacket
  • Pros:  fit (baggy), performance, durable fabric/construction
  • Cons:  too many pockets, big flaps, weak plastic snaps
  • Jacket Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  relaxed/baggy

Experience:   Love the freedom fit on this jacket - it's baggy and long, but doesn't look like you're wearing a size too big. The fabric is relatively thick, so you don't have to worry about it ripping on a branch your first day in the glades. It's got a micro-fleece collar and a beefy front zipper that won't get all jammed up on you if you look at it wrong. The powder skirt is also welcomed, but the snapped they put on this are really small and cheap feeling (had to take a star off for that). No one need this many pockets (unless they plan on carting around groceries), but I can live with that. Thought I got an incredible deal at $100, but it's now going for $80...what are you waiting for?!
"even lighter than last season!!!" 2/25/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings
  • Pros:  Super Ultra Lightweight, Re:Flex Baseplate/Disk, Zero Forward Lean
  • Cons:  One-piece base cushion, Disk's insert hole spacing, Different size screwheads
  • Flex:  stiff

Experience:   I'm guessing Cartels are among, if not THE lightest bindings on the market...they weigh in at only 32 ounces (half ounce lighter than even 2011 Cartel). The new Re:Flex baseplate design may or may not be revolutionary, but it's definitely impressive. The zero forward lean option is also new and the highback doesn't dig into my calf like the 2011s (forward lean adjusters now have level numbers silkscreened on them). I didn't notice any difference with the Autocant cushion...seems like the same annoying one-piece cushion as the 2011 to me. The toe ramp could have an extra pull out notch, but I'm also riding large boots on a medium binding. The disk's insert hole spacing is tighter than 2011s, so I can't get my heel quite as far back on the board as I used to. The straps aren't tool-less for a reason...having only a small screw shaves weight. However, this also means needing a smaller screwdriver than for the insert screws. Cartels still feel relatively flimsy/brittle, but if they don't break, these definitely deserve 5 stars...I'll give them 4.5 stars for now.

Comments & Questions

EDIT: so their not the lightest, after all...but for this type of binding (high response, all mtn), 2 pounds is pretty darned light.

"Plasticy Pullover 4 Park People" 12/6/2011
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Sessions Pin Zip Skc Softshell Hoodie
  • Pros:  5k waterproof / 3k breathable, Roomy fit 4 underlayers, Skullcandy equipped
  • Cons:  Plasticy fabric, Ugly vertical stripes, Gaudy logo patch, Proprietary Apple MP3 connectors
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Roomy for possible extra layers

Experience:   Only thing I was happy with was how this hoodie fit (I wear a large and it fits like a roomy large). I dislike the vertical stripes and oversized/gaudy logo patch. The fabric also has an unpleasant crinkly/plastic feel to it (partially due to the waterproofing), designed only as outerwear. This would be a decent hoodie for a park rat that listens to a lot of music on his/her ipod (no, this doesn't come with earphones), but I can't see wearing this as casual streetwear.
"ultra light...but kinda cheap" 5/2/2011
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings Men's
  • Pros:  ultra light, high-end ratchets, dampening
  • Cons:  plastic-y look and feel, poor disk cover design, high price
  • Flex:  mid

Experience:   I paid only $12 shipping after earning these via the community member points program. After owning rome targas, there's no way I would have paid $200 for these cartels. First impression was the cheap, plasticy/toy-like feel...they're also extremely light(a good thing). The box came with a bunch of different disks and disk screws, but no spare straps or anything else (targas include a bunch of extras). The instruction pamphlet has only drawings. After riding them, I no longer had the impression the quality was cheap (but didn't feel they were any better than the targas I rode previously). Love the fact the ratchets have no protruding parts on the release tabs (less likely to prematurely release) and they weigh about 10 oz less than targas...but, other than that, targas are an overall much higher quality binding. Cartels have overall superior dampening than targas, but the toe ramps are shorter and I really hate having to bend the foot pad over to access the disks...doing that is gonna break it within one season, for sure (they could have put a little hinge there or just made it targas)
"not snowboard specific" 10/18/2009
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Wigwam Ultimax Ultra-lite
  • Pros:  standard sizing, cheap,
  • Cons:  too light / not snowboard boot specific, not very moisture wicking, cheap
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  ergonomic

Experience:   got these before I knew much about snowboarding. These are ski specific and don't have any variable thickness other than the foot area. They're also too light and the fabric tech seems lacking as they feel sweaty quick. The most annoying is the heels eventually bunch down under my heel...but every sock I've bought since these have done the same.
"All-In-One Boardbag" 3/15/2009
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag
  • Pros:  Padded and fully lined in heat/cold reflective tarp. Heavy duty fabric and zippers. Separate pockets for dirty boots. Well stitched. Padded shoulder straps. Roomy and attractive.
  • Cons:  No smaller pockets for toothbrush, money, keys, etc. Wheels might be good for airports...if you're cramming everything in there and having to walk long ways.

Experience:   This bag is a great deal. Granted, I've only been on one car trip with it so the durability is yet to be seen. I don't know where the last reviewer is going, but, in my 165 cm bag, I fit 2 boards (powder and freestyle), 2 bindings, pair of boots, ALL my clothes and stuff, even my toiletries...everything for a snowboard trip in this one piece of luggage...and there was probably room for more, if I organized better.
"most handsome jacket made" 1/25/2013
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2013 The North Face Denali Fleece TNF Black
  • Pros:  great looking , warm, breathable
  • Cons:  laundering, matting,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  tailored

Experience:   I'm on my second's charcoal/grey and simply the best looking men's jacket I've ever seen (looks like it was tailored just for me). I learned a few things from the first one: don't come in contact with a hot oven (polartec singes easily) and hang dry whenever possible to exponentially extend the loft of polartec. North Face really improved the Denali for 2013. The polartec on my first one was only 200 and wind blew right threw it. Also, the flimsy/flat zipper pulls on my first always came un-knotted and fell off in the washer (the new ones are round and textured, which give them a sturdier knot). I use the denali as a liner under my shell when I go snowboarding, as it's still not quite water or windproof enough for those conditions. Pit zips come in super handy when things heat up...and the zippers are heavy duty and super smooth, so, even with gloves on, they're easy.
"super-peripheral" 12/4/2012
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2013 Dragon Rogue Goggles
  • Pros:  high quality optics, fit & style, yellow ion lens included (flat light)
  • Cons:  construction could be cleaner, limited outrigger angles, poor packaging

Experience:   Haven't actually ridden in them yet, but my first impression is very good. I was loyal to Smith, but their newer high end stuff fogs between the lenses (on me, at least). I really wanted Zeal, but they basically have nothing in the medium size range. Tried VZ and Electric, but they didn't fit me worth a damn. Fortunately, these Rogues fit me great. The peripheral vision is fantastic - extremely wide, without the goggles having that dorky, super oversized look. The lenses are very high quality (nice and thick, like Zeal). The face foam isn't too bulky (unlike Electric, VonZip). Rogues are futuristic, yet handsome - great styling. On the neg side, the outriggers only swing a max of 1/4, so they're pretty useless. Took off a star for slightly ugly QC (untrimmed vent foam and sketchy glue job). The goggles were also just crammed in the box, which bunched up the face foam and peeled back the protective film on the extra lens (was still in the factory sealed plastic bag, though).

Comments & Questions

how can you review something if you haven't ridden them on the hill yet?

o.k., I've ridden them 2 days now. My Rogues came with an extra low light lens (yellow/blue ion) and I rode that in dumping storm conditions, great vision/no fog. Next day was bluebird - I used the standard Red ion and it worked perfect. Swapping the lenses coulda been a little easier, but I'm really impressed with these, overall.

"too form fitting and horrible zipper" 10/5/2012
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 686 Plexus Hydra Snowboard Jacket Men's
  • Pros:  thick, rugged fabric , good styling / design&fabric, decent features
  • Cons:  weak zipper, too tailored fit, cheap liner fabric
  • Jacket Fit:  Too big
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  form fitting / tight

Experience:   686 obviously listened to the reviews and beefed up the fabric on this years Plexus. The worst feature on the Plexus Hydra is the cheap, tiny zipper. They hype it as water-tight, but it's difficult to zip up and it's catchy - feels as if you're going to break it every tug. In contrast, the zipper on my 2009 Plexus Pinnacle is beefy and super easy to zip (both inner and outer flaps make it as snow and water-tight as I need...haven't had any problems). As 686 is known for, their medium still basically fits like everyone else's large, etc., but the fit on the Hydra is much more tailored (opposite of baggy) than my Pinnacle. The chest and shoulders on the Hydra are so boxy and tight, there isn't room to spare (I don't get full movement in it). Unlike other 686 jackets, I might actually be able to wear a large Hydra (my normal size) and not look as much like a clown as I do in a large Pinnacle or Smarty. On top of being too form-fitting, the Hydra has a bunch of cheap liner fabric inside that makes it impractical to add layers (other than an undershirt)...which also means you probably won't be able to shed anything when it gets warm. The Hydra really isn't a shell in the true sense of the word...more just a lined, lower-end, non-modular snow jacket. They claim it's 15k breathable, but, for some reason, it feels stuffy/steamy compared to my Pinnacle (also 15K). On the plus side, the Hydra does have some good features, including a full band of moisture-wicking fabric around the inner neck & face area of the collar (you might not need that face mask, after all), thumb gaiters, pit-zips and a snow skirt (non-removable). Great looking, rugged jacket and as good, if not better than most snowboard jackets at this price...but it's just not good enough for me. Sending it back.
"thin, but great print" 2/4/2012
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Sessions Swirl Zip Hoodie
  • Pros:  Swirl logo print really pops, 80% cotton breathability, dope fit
  • Cons:  very thin fabric material, not moisture wicking, annoying zipper medallion
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  on the baggy side...but not XL

Experience:   Love the print on this hoodie, so I had to check it out (I first bought the heather charcoal version and hated it because the print was barely visible and the fabric just looked gray). Fits nice and loose, new, but I don't know if it's gonna shrink. The fabric is too thin for deep winter use (unless you're gonna wear a couple things under it) and since, it's mostly cotton, doesn't wick moisture. The zipper is sturdy metal, but the logo medallion hanging off he mechanism tends to get kinked up and can take an aggravating effort to get straight.

Comments & Questions

review above was for the men's version of the swirl hoodie (don't know how it ended up in the kids area)

"kinda cheap" 1/12/2012
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Sessions Diagonal Pin Zip Hoodie
  • Pros:  Cool Fabric Print, Baggy/Dope Fit, Sturdy Zipper
  • Cons:  Thin/Low Quality Fabric, Weak Stitching, Poor Quality Control
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  Baggy/Long Fit

Experience:   Sessions has a reputation for having great styling and sturdy fabrics, but poor stitching. This hoddie is the first really low end product I've bough from them and now I'm adding weak fabrics and poor QC to that list. All the descriptions I've seen on the net for this item list it as 65% Cotton / 35% poly, when, in fact, the tag says just the opposite. I actually wanted the higher cotton content (not gonna use it in snow), but this fabric seems to be fairly breathable and may even be moisture wicking (there is no info to be found). The fabric is so thin that a couple of underlayers will be required to keep warm. The fit is dope, but all that stoke disappeared when I saw the sessions print/graphic on the entire left arm is smudged (you have to be about a foot away to really notice). The stitching in the right wrist started to unravel when I pulled at, what I thought was, a loose thread. The hood is the pointy style, but doesn't stick up jagged, so it doesn't bother me. I won't factor in my Trusnow/House buying experience on this item...which took a month and a half, plus 4 phone calls (one of which lasted almost a hour) to actually receive what I ordered. Under any other circumstances, I might have returned this, but it's just not worth it at this point.
"cool beans" 11/21/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Gravis Royale Beanie
  • Pros:  taller/longer than average, soft/comfortable fabric, good stitching/workmanship
  • Cons:  maybe a little too thin, Gravis is a Burton sub-company, (like they need more money)
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  perfect fit

Experience:   don't know why I'm even bothering writing this review. I don't need the points...and it's just a frickin' beanie. Anyway, I bought it only because it was like 90% off. Previously, I was using a Polartech Windstopper, but it was kinda ugly and the fabric was...crunchy. This Gravis beanie looks better because it's much longer and flops over on the top (I like that)...but, without a hood, the thin fabric would be pretty useless on colder/windy days. Happy now?
"2009 Plexus Pinnacle Jacket" 3/7/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 686 Plexus Pinnacle 3-Ply Boa
  • Pros:  Ultra tech fabric/taped seams/water resistance, stylish cut/great prints/colors/excellent fit, powder skirt/boa hood/hidden waist cinch
  • Cons:  no closures (velcro) on main zipper flap, no snap at top of zipper flap, no extended back length (butt coverage)
  • Jacket Fit:  Too big
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  It fits like one size larger

Experience:   This jacket is the bomb. The tech/features are top of the line and the styling/cut and smokin' fabric colors/prints are among the best looking out there. I'll finally stand out in the crowd and not just look like everybody else (haven't seen anyone on my local mtn with this shade or print). Granted, this is only a shell, but I already have some fleece underlayers, so I don't need to spend more for theirs. Being a California snowboarder, this setup should work out fine...if I lived anywhere consistently way below freezing and windy, I don't know.

Comments & Questions

not totally digging the boa hood - it doesn't cinch tight as my old jacket's hood (although, my head is pretty small)...maybe that's why they discontinued boa in their clothes(?). Extremely waterproof and light. I had people commenting on how cool the jacket looked the first day. Definitely a keeper.

"my favorite underlayer shirt" 3/16/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Helly Hansen Stripe Crew Thermal Top
  • Pros:  Comfortable fabric/fit, Stitching, Racing stripes look cool
  • Cons:  Price, Huge plastic neck tag,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  semi-loose fit

Experience:   My favorite underlayer shirt because the fabric isn't scratchy (like UA) and it's not skin tight...but that means it's not quite as warm, either (I'm in CA, so that's not so much an issue). You can get the EXACT same tech fabric from K-Mart (Athletech) for 1/4 the price, but the stitching isn't as heavy duty and wrist cuffs aren't as finished. I just scored the k-mart model for $4, spring sale.
"baggy fit run large" 3/13/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 686 Complete 2.5-Ply
  • Pros:  At least 3 layering options included, Massive amount of features, Ultra tech fabrics
  • Cons:  Baggy fit - hard to size online, Vest kinda cheezy, Metal weight logo on arm
  • Jacket Fit:  Too big
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  baggy with extra long arms

Experience:   Love the jacket, fabric and style, but it's too big for me (despite measuring myself with tailors tape). As with all baggy or relaxed fit garmets, I've now learned always drop down at least one size than the manufacturers recommended size (I like baggy, not sloppy). To all clothing brands: Quit putting lead weight logos on clothing! It's bad enough I have RECCO on everything...I don't need any more unnecessary weights clamped on me.
"Keepers" 3/9/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Smith I/O
  • Pros:  Cutting edge optics, Ultra-quick lens change, includes 2 lenses, case + lens wipe (bag)
  • Cons:  Heavy logo decoration, Cheezy strap clasp, No lens labels

Experience:   Don't think I'd go back to flat lenses. New spherical lenses have much more true image quality...or maybe it's Smith's TLT tech. Field of view isn't better than my old Cascade Pros...maybe less considering the silicon bead glueing lenses together is now thicker. I/O definitely look more contemporary. Driwix Face Foam isn't as snug as regular old foam...yet. These Spherical, TLT, Carbonic-X optics are state of the art. Ignitor Mirror lens has low Visual Light Transmission for bluebird days and Sensor Mirror high VLT for overcast (both included). The IM lens is fairly useless in low light, so you'll need to change it out (very easy). The SM has an annoying haze when used in sunny conditions, but disappears in overcast conditions (seems that haze bumps up contrast significantly in low light). Lenses look similar but are unmarked, so identifying them may be confusing. Hate the strap decoration on the Intersection I/Os. The huge, metal (lead?) Smith logo weighs a whole ounce, is completely useless and unnecessary...and absolutely non-removable!

Comments & Questions

just rode these in cold/stormy powder conditions and they kept fogging between the lenses. I had to take them off, every time, when on the lift to get rid of the fog, so I could see while riding down....absolutely ruined my trip! I can only guess the "porex" filter is the culprit (don't think it can handle deep cold/wind). I'm gonna email smith and see what kinda hoops they're gonna make me jump through to get this fixed. Great tech in every other way, but this sh!t is a deal breaker.

"yep, we got a winner" 10/22/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Ride Control
  • Skill:  Beginner
  • Use:  Butters,Groomed,Jibs,Jumps,Off Trail,Switch Riding
  • Pros:  High quality construction, Full steel wrap edges, Carbon reinforced
  • Cons:  Extruded base, Tad too pricey,

Experience:   I demo'd this board a few years back and loved it (but ended up going with a better deal on something else...that ended up not being as good). Controls have always looked good, felt good...and are good. They have a softer medium flex (great for park and just noodling around groomers) plus ton of nice features for a board that's really geared toward the introductory through high-beginner rider. If I had to do it all over again and the the price was right, I'd get a Control.
"good for spring +" 10/18/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Orage Chiraz Thermal Top
  • Pros:  moisture wicking, not too tight, zip neck
  • Cons:  limited color selection,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  semi-loose fit

Experience:   It's good to have at least 2 sets of thermals so you can at least be washing/drying one while your wearing the other. I bought the helly hansen and this on sale. The helly is a little tighter and non-zip neck, so one could say it might be better suited to colder temps and this one is a little looser and has a zip neck, maybe more suitable for spring (I wear whichever one is clean for any temp). The quality is good, but I'm glad I was able to get red (chili) because the helly is black and I hate olive.
"caught edges a lot" 10/18/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2008 Rome Notch
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Use:  Powder
  • Pros:  tapered, fast base, Light
  • Cons:  too pow specific, build quality so-so,

Experience:   I demo'd this board and basically hated it. It was my first time on a tapered pow stick and I was catching edges everywhere, even sometimes in pow. Jumps felt super sketchy...and landing switch didn't even seem like an option. I ended up buying a bataleon locust, which although not nearly as tapered or light, is much more versatile in pow, chop, jumps and even groomers.
"not really high tech, but good" 10/15/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Jane Womens
  • Pros:  warm, colorful, quality
  • Cons:  little too breathable,
  • Fit:  Too big
  • My Size:  S
  • Fits Like:  S
  • Description:  little on the bigger side than standard small

Experience:   Got this for my sister - she loves it. It's a little looser than some other womens beanies, but that's a good thing in her case (lotsa hair). Also the fabric weave is a little looser than my polartec and doesn't have any sort of windstopper tech.
"thumbs up" 10/15/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Foursquare Muller Womens
  • Pros:  waterproof, breathable, plenty of features
  • Cons:  time will tell,
  • Pant Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  S
  • Fits Like:  S
  • Description:  true to standard

Experience:   bought these for my sister on here birthday...she loves them, but they're just slightly on the tight side - ymmv, but they'll probably stretch
"stylish" 10/15/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Player Polo Womens Thermal Top
  • Pros:  moisture wicking / warm, good fit, cool colors
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  S
  • Fits Like:  S
  • Description:  perfect

Experience:   got this for my sister's birthday...she loves it.
"what a bargain" 10/14/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Capita Stairmaster Mini Youth
  • Skill:  Beginner
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Low Speeds,Park,Switch Riding
  • Pros:  Forgiving Flex, Quality build and materials, easy care extruded base
  • Cons:  older tech (cambered and flat), probably last a year of frequent/hard riding, graphics are ridiculous

Experience:   Stairmasters could be considered the gold standard for beginner-intermediate boards. They have a soft-medium flex and extruded base (wax optional), yet are visibly and tactically quality of all, they're ultra affordable for what you get. (I was very temped to pull the trigger on a stairmaster, but I lucked out with a similar omatic whose features and quality are almost as good, but I got it for an end of season liquidation price I couldn't refuse.)
"good fit for wide toes" 10/13/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Sabbath
  • Pros:  good fit / wide toe box, good tech and quality, acceptable price
  • Cons:  ugly colors, lots of strings,
  • Fit:  mid
  • Flex:  mid
  • Shoe Size:  11
  • Boot Size:  10

Experience:   Sabaths were some of the only boots that both fit my wide toes and didn't feel flimsy. Unfortunately, I was kinda discouraged by all the lacing and the colors were a kindergarten joke. I ended up going with the Salomon dialouge because they fit me a little better, I had already experienced their quality, I prefered their simpler lacing system and they weren't so ugly.
"padding very weak" 10/13/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2010 Pro-tec Hip Pad
  • Pros:  more padded areas than other brands, moisture wicking fabric, non-removable pads stay in place
  • Cons:  padding is too thin and soft, sizes are too large, non-removable pads

Experience:   I just received the new 2010 Hip Pads (that's just a clever name/pun for full butt pads) and am not very happy. First, I'm 6'1 and 170 lbs and Pro-Tec's Large size are way too big for me (should got their Medium). Second, the pads are extremely thin and soft (feels like they stuffed a few cotton balls in there). Granted, I haven't actually used them on the mountain, but I can tell just by feel that these basically won't absorb any more shock than wearing nothing.
"Fluffy Angora billboard for your head" 10/13/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Coal Floyd White
  • Pros:  Well made, quality materials,
  • Cons:  poofy / feminine fabric, flat / large forehead section, not ergonomic
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  M
  • Description:  good ...and bad

Experience:   This anomaly is a basically a trucker style hat made with a soft, fluffy, feminine fabric. The headband part fits true to size, but the forehead section is disproportionately large and flat - it looks like a giant, blank billboard. The rear part of the hat is so soft, it just collapses (if you don't have a ton of long hair to stuff up in there), looking like you got your skull bashed in on both sides. This hat looks ridiculous and I hate it.
"Great...but just buy gloves with liners included" 10/11/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Dakine Storm Fleece Liner
  • Pros:  moisture wicking fleece, silicone palm, wear solo as late spring glove
  • Cons:  dakine sizing is weird, construction could be better,

Experience:   I got the 2009 Storm liners after I lost my original liners on the bus. The storms are good and make a great warm day/spring glove just by themselves...but you might as well just buy the dakine element glove or mitt and get good liners included.
"not my style" 10/9/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Coal The Revert
  • Pros:  well constructed , warm, breathable
  • Cons:  too ugly, fluff ball looks feminine,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  fits o.k.

Experience:   Got this for xmas last year...and hate it. The colors are ugly (seafoam), I think the styling looks stupid and I hate pom poms...was difficult to even give this ridiculous thing away.
"2009 Feather Hi" 10/9/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 32 Feather Hi
  • Pros:  dry tech, perfect fit, competetive price
  • Cons:  heel slides,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  fit fine

Experience:   I've been looking for a sock that doesn't slide off my heel halfway through the day...and, unfortunately, these aren't them. I don't know if it's my Salomon boots that are the culprit, but all the socks I've worn eventually get bunched up under my heel and I have to pull them up at about lunch time. Not a huge deal, but I just don't like the thought of standing on any amount of bunched up sock, ever.
"Good tech and fit, but..." 10/9/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Emblem
  • Pros:  Good tech, ergonomic fit, acceptable price
  • Cons:  heel slides down,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  good fit

Experience:   I've been looking for a sock that doesn't slide off my heel halfway through the day...and, unfortunately, these aren't them. I don't know if it's my Salomon boots that are the culprit, but all the socks I've worn eventually get bunched up under my heel and I have to pull them up at about lunch time. Not a huge deal, but I just don't like the thought of standing on any amount of bunched up sock, ever.
"Absolutely the best stomp available!" 10/7/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Dakine Clutch
  • Pros:  Tallest, sturdiest teeth on the market, Large, yet Lightweight, Execellent adhesion

Experience:   I've had a few stomps in my time and the Clutch is, by far, the best you can get in every way (unless you're looking for more of just a decoration). The spikes are huge and lock into my boot traction like nothing else. Indispensable for those into one footed tricks and worry-free for trails between lifts when you don't feel like strapping in.
"superior to most stock footbeds" 10/7/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Superfeet Footbeds F
  • Pros:  nearly eliminates heel lift +fills out looser fits, sturdy arch support + lots of sizes/styles, cheaper than most other brands
  • Cons:  still too exp for plastic and foam,

Experience:   Take out and inspect the footbeds that came factory installed in your boots...see how flimsy they are? Even high-end boots come with lame footbeds, so do yourself a favor and replace them with 3rd party footbeds. There's a lot of different brands from which to choose, but Superfeet are about as accessible as any and they're probably less expensive. More importantly, Superfeet are really good. After trying these a couple years back, my boots fit better and I haven't since snowboarded without them.
"very nice" 5/22/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Sierra Riders Pullover
  • Pros:  warm, lofty, thick fabric - great styling - standard/universal fitting - nice graphic
  • Cons:  it's 20% polyester / 80% cotton...not high tech or wicking

Experience:   This hoodie looks better in person than the stock pics - it fits perfect, too - at $14, it's a good deal (70% off sale)
"HUGE" 5/18/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Cymbal Hoodie
  • Pros:  DRYRIDE wicking fabric - Looks well made - Doesn't have a huge company advertisement plastered all over it...only one small Burton logo on the upper arm
  • Cons:  sizes aren't even close to standard - either check burton size charts for the garmets specific year or drop down down one size

Experience:   got this hoodie because of the wicking fabric (don't find that in hoodies very often) and the fact it isn't a walking billboard. Unfortunately, Burtons sizes change from year to year and this Large looks like an XL to me
"stretchy fits all" 5/18/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Gravis Summit
  • Pros:  high quality construction - good looking - stretchy one size fits all
  • Cons:  black or blue only color choices

Experience:   The tag says this is also a burton product.
"good cut/fit" 5/18/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Helly Hansen Stripe Thermal Crew
  • Pros:  good cut/ fit - good looking styling - high tech wicking fabric
  • Cons:  neck is really low, which could be too cool for east coast or CO - fine for CA or maybe late sping anywhere else

Experience:   This fabric looks exactly like some wicking basketball stuff I saw at K-mart. I got it here during the 70% off spring sale, but the K-mart ones are always cheap - same stuff without the fancy name
"vintage vibe" 5/18/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Sierra Mountain Short Sleeve
  • Pros:  sizes are standard (large fits me perfectly) - high quality construction and fabric - solid silkscreen will last
  • Cons:  design leaves a bit to be desired - snow on mountain graphic looks melted and typestyle is late 70s/early 80s

Experience:   got it free, but bought a new one (70% off) as a birthday gift for a friend who digs my shirt
"too much form" 4/13/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Vans Andreas Wiig
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Pros:  Heel hold, Comfortable, Durable, Traction, Good quality, Waterproofing, Easy in & out, Well known brand
  • Cons:  Hard to lace
  • Fit:  heel is snug

Experience:   These are very fancy signature boots. They fit well, have heat molding liners and great heel hold, but they're also extremely stiff and heavy. Part of the heaviness is due to sturdy, long lasting materials...but some of the weight is just decoration. The strap/loops on these boots are not necessary and the metal bars on them are ornaments that my bindings popped halfway off the first day...since they're unrepairable, I ended up having to cut the rest off when I got home.
"in between Salomon wacky sizing" 3/16/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Salomon Synapse
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Pros:  Heel hold, Comfortable, Easy lacing, Durable, Traction, Good quality, Warm, Breathable, Waterproofing, Easy in & out, Well known brand, Popular model
  • Fit:  wide

Experience:   Excellent tech, but Salomon's sizing is all over the place. I tried on both the size 10 and 9.5 Synapse - the 10 way was too long and wide and the 9.5 was perfect width, but was way too short. Strangely, I tried the Dialogue in 10 and they fit better than either of the, of course, I had to downgrade and keep the Dialogues. Definitely a "try before buy" brand.
"narrow toe box " 3/15/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 K2 T1
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Pros:  Heel hold, Easy lacing, Durable, Traction, Good quality, Warm, Breathable, Waterproofing, Easy in & out, Well known brand, Popular model
  • Cons:  Uncomfortable
  • Fit:  average

Experience:   I had the new 2009 T1 DB and, although they were high quality boots that fit very well almost everywhere, the toe box was too narrow for me. Also the side BOA ("Access System") was in a first version / prototype stage that was very poorly documented. Lastly, the "Intuition" heat moldable liners must be baked by a professional for best fit...I recommend an experienced boot fitter near a large resort rather than some high school employee at your local sports outlet.
"good binding, but obvious areas of improvement" 3/15/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Rome Targa
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Pros:  Adjustability, Easy in & out, Boot hold, Comfortable, Well known brand, Popular model, Easy installation
  • Cons:  Heavy
  • Fit:  fits fine

Experience:   2008 Targas: Decent bindings. I got "rad" orange. Metal heel hoop + high quality poly base and highback. Lots of "new school" features like conformist toe straps, adjustable ankle strap stiffness, etc. I don't like the non-locking forward lean adjustment + lean options are minimal. Also, ladders look thinner than anything I've had prior. Ratchets aren't bad, but are obviously made for smaller hands. Also not the lightest binding...not the heaviest, either.
"solid, among best bargain in goggles" 3/15/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Smith Cascade Pro
  • Pros:  Great fogless tech. Good al around lens came standard. Goggle bag doubles as scratch-proof lens wipe.
  • Cons:  Sometimes snow/ice drips water drops into goggle and on inside lens. Headband kinda got bent out of ship pretty quick...but still works fine.

Experience:   I've owned these for 3 years now and they're still going strong after 60 days of fairly hard riding (I jump and wipeout plenty). The lenses don't work in really flat light as well as I want...but, from my research, no lenses do. I, rarely, have had water drip in onto the inside lens, but if I don't mess with it and just let the drop(s) dry, no damage. I paid full price ($40) at a ski shop and feel I got my money's worth and then some.
"a little wide" 3/15/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Salomon Dialogue
  • Skill:  Beginner
  • Pros:  Comfortable, Easy lacing, Traction, Warm, Breathable, Waterproofing, Easy in & out, Well known brand, Popular model
  • Cons:  Low quality
  • Fit:  average

Experience:   These replaced the Salomon Brigades I had for 3 years. Salomon used to make higher quality boots in their mid to lower range...but, except for high-end models, softer/lower quality is the trend in most brands right now. These Dialogues still have the same type fit as my old boots, but Salomon has shrunk the size of their boots: their size 10 now is the same as their old size 10.5
"too warm for spring, not enough for winter" 3/15/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Dakine Bronco Glove
  • Pros:  Gore-tex keeps dry. Well made, overall. Good materials. Ergonomic fit.
  • Cons:  Liner not stitched well into fingers - gets knotted up in glove. Glove this warm should have a gauntlet.

Experience:   Bought these thin looking gloves for spring conditions, but they're actually too warm for that. Unfortunately, there is no gauntlet to keep out powder, so they're not really good for winter either. If you're going to buy these for spring, get the white ones to reflect the sun heat.

Comments & Questions

wore the broncos in stormy/powder conditions yesterday and they got soaking wet and my fingers got cold. Even the built in gore-tex doesn't help these in extreme conditons. (I then switched to my dakine element and they stayed dry and worked great)

"extremely light" 2/26/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2006 Salomon Spx 88
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Pros:  Adjustability, Easy in & out, Boot hold, Durable, Good construction quality, Lightweight, Comfortable, Well known brand, Easy installation
  • Cons:  Uncomfortable
  • Fit:  feels too big

Experience:   Carbon infused fiberglass baseplate/body is the lightest and most responsive I've ever ridden. Highbacks have the most forward lean options of any binding. Unfortunately, few "on the fly" adjustments. Straps are the worst I've ever seen...aside from the early 90s.
"horribly stiff" 2/26/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2006 Salomon LOFT
  • Skill:  Advanced
  • Use:  Carving,Groomers,Jumps
  • Pros:  Durable, lightweight, Easy to carve, Stable at high speeds, Strong edgehold, Stiff, Well known brand
  • Cons:  Too stiff

Experience:   They call this their high end freestyle board. This board is very fast and handles like a Porsche in the trees...but, it's so stiff, you can't ollie it. It's also very narrow and sinks in deep snow.
"a lot like the DH" 2/26/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Ride Decade
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Boxes,Groomers,Jumps,Rails
  • Pros:  Durable, lightweight, poppy
  • Cons:  Doesn't perform, Sluggish

Experience:   Except for lacking "Cleve Edge" and "Slimewalls", the 2007 has exactly the same construction, materials and tech as the 07 DH (one with gumball graphics) it was really more of a park/groomer board than "all mountain". Unfortunately, graphics aren't near as good.
"horrible liner fit" 2/26/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Dakine Element
  • Pros:  Good materials, tech and construction. Warm and dry.
  • Cons:  sloppy liner fit. Poor size chart.

"they're f-ing HUGE" 2/26/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Smith Knowledge OTG
  • Pros:  Smith is simply good, high quality stuff with great optics.
  • Cons:  These just are ridiculously too large.

"not perfect" 2/26/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Rome Targa
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Pros:  Adjustability, Easy in & out, Boot hold, Good construction quality, Comfortable, Well known brand, Popular model, Easy installation
  • Cons:  Heavy
  • Fit:  fits fine

Experience:   First day on my 2009 Targas, one of the 'teeth" broke off the highback's Forward Lean ADjustment, which rendered the FLAD on that side stripped/useless. I compared that FLAD to last years (I own 08 390s) and discovered they downgraded the plastic for the 09 and also use less plastic, making it even weaker. To make matters worse, the "upgraded" FLAD design for 09 still doesn't really lock and can and did get stuck in the open/unusable position...don't ride without a hex wrench (not included). Rome is warrantying the parts...and, at my request, sending me last years superior, but still crappy, FLADs.
"...won't stay tight" 2/26/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Salomon Brigade
  • Skill:  Beginner
  • Pros:  Heel hold, Comfortable, Easy lacing, Traction, Breathable, Waterproofing, Easy in & out, Well known brand
  • Cons:  Non adjustable, Low quality
  • Fit:  soft

Experience:   The brigade is the top of Salomons low-end boots. They have some nice features, but the lacing lock is not like Salomons next up boots (Maori)...the brigade's cheap lace lock slips and lets the boots get loose fairly quickly. I have to retighten about 5 times a day or more, which makes many of the boots good features pretty useless.
"very basic beginner kit" 2/1/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Dakine Super Tune Kit
  • Pros:  super fast heating iron, consistent temp for boards edge tools wax & scrapers p-tex candles almost everything you need for a beginner
  • Cons:  no brushes for base/structure

Experience:   the absolute most basic kit would just be an: edge tool wax iron plastic scraper this is an upgrade to that This is fine for a beginner...but you'll quickly be buying base brushes to do a better job yeah, you can get away with not brass brushing dirt out before a wax job and not brushing the wax out of the structure after a waxing ...but you can also get away with doing nothing at all (you'll just be slow and your board will fall apart quicker).

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