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julius77 Name Julius
Location San Jose, CA, US
Level Instructor  (4339 points)
Member Since 3/16/2008
julius77 is Offline
"I like wintertime." 
Gender: Male
Age: 116
Languages: English
Years Riding: 5
Average Days/Year: 27
Skill Level: picking up speed
Riding Style: all mountain
Area of Expertise: weekend warrior
Preferred Terrain: powder, park, groomers
Sizing Info  
Height/Weight: 5'11, 185 lbs
Board Size: 159
Boot Size: 9
Clothing Size: L
Jacket Size: L
Pants Size: L
Thermal Size: L
Ride with Me  
Region: California
Location: Nor-Cal
Resort: Northstar-at-Tahoe
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"Almost the perfect sock" 11/27/2012
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Wigwam Snow Sirocco Socks
  • Pros:  warm, comfortable, Perfect thickness/thinness
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  I wear a 9.5 shoe and an 8.5 boot. The Medium fits perfectly

Experience:   Wigwam makes great socks and these are no exception. Although the padding looks really cool on these socks, they don't really do that much. These socks are, however, comfortable, super dry, and not too tight on the calf. The only thing I would prefer, is if these were a tad bit thinner. They're not overly thick, I just prefer a thinner sock while boarding. This is my fourth pair of wigwams and I prefer these and smartwool socks to Burton socks.
"Amazing urban vid parts" 9/13/2012
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Capita Defender Of Awesome Snowboard DVD
  • Pros:  old school skate inspired tricks, creative urban tricks,
  • Cons:  gnarly falls/hits,

Experience:   I finally watched D.O.A. and was really impressed by the street/urban riding parts. Some of the tricks, where the riders were either in only 1 binding or completely not buckled in, blew my mind. Most of these were in the earlier parts of the film. I really liked the movie. Definitely not a production on the scale of Brainfarm, but amazing riding and tricks. There were some pretty bad falls throughout the movie that made me cringe, but overall a sweet dvd. Also, it was awesome to see Truckee, CA represented.
"Preferred over cartels by me" 1/29/2013
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Union Force SL Snowboard Binding
  • Pros:  light, adjustable, crazy response
  • Cons:  ladies won't step back,
  • Flex:  stiff

Experience:   Tried these bindings as my introduction to Union bindings. Previously, I have ridden '08 Cartels and an old pair of Drake F-50's. I was expecting a high level of response, as I was used to riding stiff Cartels. I was completely impressed. The toe to heel response is solid, and feels more natural than other binding I've ridden. Also, the footbed is incredibly comfortable under my boots. The response is comparable or even exceeds that of Cartels. My feet feel solidly connected to the board without the binding being cranked tightly. The straps are much more comfortable than burtons. I've found the ratchets to be smooth, but the toe ratchet can be stubborn. Slap them and they're fine. I love the adjustable heelcup. Such an advantage when setting up the binding. In general, the adjustibility of this binding is great. The only thing I wish were different is the toe strap, as it only has one position. Although it's only been half a season, the paint on the heelcup is chipping in areas and some of the padding foam is scratchy. If you're someone who gets annoyed by this, maybe look at other bindings. Overall, I freaking love these bindings. Light, solid, responsive bindings that don't cause any foot discomfort. I haven't been on any other binding since trying these.
"Black/Black bonded fleece hoodie" 12/3/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Burton Bonded Hoodie
  • Pros:  Zips up to protect neck, Super soft fleece inside, warm/water resistant
  • Cons:  Wife steals it all the time, my small dogs (4-5lbs) sleep in it like a bed, the hood drawstrings chipped my fire iridium lense
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  A tad of Baggy

Experience:   This is probably my favorite hoodie to wear when it is cold. The bonded outside repels water snow and wind to a degree, and the inner fleece is super soft, warm and comfortable. This hoodie would have been perfect if it had an ipod/media pocket and thumb hooks on the sleeves. However, for layering and spring riding this hoodie is perfect. The hoodie runs just a little big, with a large fitting me comfortably and a smidge baggy. For reference I'm 5'11 and currenlty 185-190#. While riding, I've learned to tie up the hood drawstrings, as last winter one of them caught the air and slapped my goggles, leaving a tiny chip in the fire iridium lense of my a-frames. I can now see a small dot of brightness wherever I look, which is annoying. This was totally my bad, and would have happened with any drawstring whose end was wrapped in that hard plastic tape. Since this incident, I tie them up and have had no probs. The bottom is ribbed, so not a lot of snow/wind comes in during spring days. The hood is big, but doesn't fit over my helmet. I've taken it to the mountain a bunch, washed it a bunch, and wear it a lot at home. Very durable and well-made garment. Overall, I am very happy with this hoodie.
"Burton party sock" 11/29/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Burton Party Socks
  • Pros:  Soft, warm,
  • Cons:  heel wears down at seam, not wool, ok wicking, not great
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  I wear an 8.5 boot, 9.5 shoe. A Medium fits perfectly

Experience:   I've had these socks for 2 seasons, going into the third. They are warm and incredibly comfortable but are a bit too think for my liking. Also, the heel seems to wear down on the seam, where it connects to the rest of the sock. Initially, it started to make small lint pills on the fabric. These turned into longer, bigger pills; and now I can see my skin through the back of the heel. In all fairness, I use these socks for everyday use during the winter; but I also do this with my wigwam and smartwool socks and have not noticed the same breakdown of the fabric. They're cozy, comfy socks, but I think I'll stick to other brands for socks. *The same wearing down also happened on my Burton Buffer socks.
"Buttered Toast shirt" 9/18/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2011 Sierra Ready To Butter TShirt
  • Pros:  People who know what's up give props., Sweet design, How many pro's can a shirt have?
  • Cons:  I actually paid for it, a bit tight for a large,
  • Fit:  Too small
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  Slim fitting, not for man boobs

Experience:   Unlike pretty much everyone else, I paid for this shirt (well, my wife did, but it's all the same), as Sierra was out of them until my coupon expired. I should have asked for an extension of my code, but I'm forgetful and lazy. Anyways, I love the design of this shirt. It's a bit tight on me for a large, but I still like it. Also, I've gotten complements from stangers which is always nice. My buddy wanted to see if it would fit him, but the slim fit of the shirt accentuated his man-boobs and tummy; and he looked funny. The fabric of the shirt is relatively thin, so it's great for summer. It would also probably look great during spring riding, as I sometimes board in just a t-shirt/snowpants when it's around or over 50 degrees. Represent the memory of Sierra and rock this shirt.
"Its a Burton film, pretty good but not a favorite" 9/15/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Its Always Snowing Somewhere Snowboard Dvd
  • Pros:  All Star lineup- amazing riders, Some incredible descents that look unrideable,
  • Cons:  2 dvd disks (about 30 min each), overpriced,

Experience:   I've had this DVD set for about 2 years now, and can count the number of times I've watched it on one hand. That's a good indication of how 'meh' I feel about it. I literally can't count how many times I've watched TITA, A of F, and 'The Burton Movie' (my first snowboarding DVD). Although there are some great riders and amazing riding, esp. by Nico, DCP, Gigi, T. Fuse, and Jones; the DVDs just did not hold my attention like other vids. It also really bothers me that all the footage could have easily been put on one disk. Instead, the film is split into northern and southern hemisphere riding. One highlight is the shots of riders pulling off slopestyle tricks with only the front boot buckled in (2nd disk I think). Another if Jones' amzing tricks on/in between trees. However, this does not make up for the rest of the film. I rarely get bored watching snowboard DVDs. unfortunately, this one just doesn't do much for me.
"bern watts matte yellow helmet 2012" 8/20/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Bern Watts EPS Snowboard Helmet
  • Pros:  Looks sweet, brim, lots of vents if you get hot
  • Cons:  Trusnow did not have the size/color I wanted, I had to buy from another site (no TS points), yellow is bright and looks like a construction hat

Experience:   I got this helmet in yellow and, as a previous reviewer stated, removing the liner makes a big difference in size. Until now, I have only used protec helmets, but the Watts feels much lighter and has much better ventilation. That's important to me because I get hot easily. The first size I tried fit well with the liner in, but when this was removed the helmet felt too big and clunky around my head. I board in Tahoe mostly and I rarely get cold to where I need a liner. I ordered a size smaller and it fits much better. I also tried it on with my balaclava (sp?) and it fits better than with the liner. the sink fit is sweet and it looks much lower profile than either of my protec helmets. I put the yellow color as a con, but I actually like it. My friends don't have trouble spotting me on the hill.
"Stiffer than expected for a park deck" 3/13/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton X8 Snowboard
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Boxes,Jumps
  • Pros:  Good all over the mountain, Lots of pop off the tail- powerful ollies, Switch riding is smooth
  • Cons:  expensive, a bit more horsepower needed for presses/butters,

Experience:   I tried this board over the past weekend for 1 full day. I rode with ICS channel cartel bindings and Forum kicker boots. Overall, the setup was great- super responsive, but not as playful as I would have expected. I rode the 157. I'm 5'11'' and 185#. This board feels really comfortable on jumps and boxes. the stiffness helps with landings and it has a good flex for wall rides. Buttering and presses were more difficult than my R. Crew or my K2 WWW. the X8 performed much better than expected on steeps and groomers. Carving and turn initiation were really smooth and getting air off of natural features felt really comfortable. Overall, I enjoyed the ride. It was fun, but prefer a softer board for park riding and a stiffer board for steeps and speed. I also don't like the heavy price tag. This board may be perfect for some, (other riders kill it on the X8) but its just not the board for me. It is highly possible that my expectations negatively affected my experience with this board.
"WWW everything but bombing" 3/6/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Boxes,Rails
  • Pros:  Can size down easily, Very spin/press friendly, Destroys the Park
  • Cons:  Not too stable pin-lining, Softer=less stable on bigger jumps/icy landings,

Experience:   I just bought a 152 WWW as my park board and as the board for my wife to learn on. (She hasn't tried it yet). I love this board! I'm 5'11, 185# and the 152 feels perfect for park and most mtn riding. The base is fast, but durable. This board really wants to be on boxes and rails. It's also pretty flexible and presses like sweet buttercream. It handles powder and groomers admirably, but feels choppy in crunchier snow. This board is way easier to spin than my Sierra RC 159 (my all mtn), probably due to the blunted tips/jib tech. They say that the ptex topsheet keeps snow from sticking, but I've found that fresh pow tends to stick sometimes. Smaller jumps feel really natural, but bigger kickers feel less stable than on my RC or my cambered K2 Eldorado. However, it's a much shorter board with more flex and a different camber profile, so I would expect that with any similar board. Overall, I would definitely recommend this board to anyone who spends a good chunk of time lapping the park. It's also relatively inexpensive compared to other park oriented boards. It may be too soft for steeps, but it's not really made for that. If you're strictly park, or want a park board to add to the quiver, I would highly recommend. Also, for such a short board, it has suprisingly good turn initiation and carving ability at moderate speed.
"Mini scraper stomp pads" 1/18/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Burton Mini Scraper Mat Translucent
  • Pros:  You get 2 of them, Not too noticable, inexpensive (u can easily just use one)
  • Cons:  none yet,

Experience:   I've had these on my Forum Recon for a few years now and have had no issues with the adhesive or the pads falling off. They are great for traction, and you can use just one if you want. They are not too visible, but my Forum has a white topsheet, so that may help. I don't use stomp pads anymore, but when I ride my Recon, I notice i have more traction than when I just push my rear boot against my binding to skate. Great stomp pads for beginners as you'll have more control when your back leg is unbuckled.
"Meh, it's okay." 5/9/2011
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 For Right Or Wrong Snowboard DVD
  • Pros:  J. Jones goes huuuge on rail, Cool interviews with pro riders, N Muller's thoughts on progression and exploration
  • Cons:  Sean White comes off like a caricature, Kelly Clark complaining about winning Olympic gold,

Experience:   For Right or Wrong has some great aspects to it. Hearing different interviews and perspectives on snowboarding from professional boarders was cool. There's some great footage of different types of riding and how different people have different goals when it comes to snowboarding. Too much focus on the Olympics and Shaun White for me. I can only listen to him talk for so long before I roll my eyes. He's an amazing pipe boarder, but comes off as a goof when he talks. The sections with Kelly Clark were a drag. Hearing someone complain that they won gold in the Olympics... really? You're complaining about that? You get to snowboard for a living and won a gold medal. Come back to Earth please.
"Burton leash" 11/6/2010
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2011 Burton Cord Snowboard Leash
  • Pros:  Strong material, Good clip,
  • Cons:  Too short,

Experience:   I prefer my leashes a bit longer. When this leash is connected to the binding, it is kind of difficult to connect it to my boot, because it's just a little too short. This gets even harder with gloves on, as the metal clip slips a lot. It's good to have board safety, but the shortness of the leash and the slick metal make it a pain. If this leash fits your setup, it'd be a 5 star. However, for me it doesn't.
"Anthem boots" 1/25/2013
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2013 Ride Anthem BOA Snowboard Boots
  • Pros:  Roomy, lightweight, Great Heel Hold, Affordable, good grip on ice and roads.
  • Cons:  Boa system,
  • Fit:  stiff
  • Flex:  soft
  • Shoe Size:  9ish
  • Boot Size:  8.5

Experience:   I just got these boots, as my Forum kickers were dying and leaking after riding for a hard 3 seasons. I got the Anthems out of necessity, but I have to say they are way more comfortable on my feet. The footbed feels much wider than the Forum and Burton boots I have tried in the past, and have more vertical room as well. This works out great for my feet, because they go up high and have gotten pinched by other boots, leading to uncomfortable pressure points. The Boa is okay, I prefer traditional laces, but what can you do. It's fast and convenient. The intuition liner feels softer than my Kickers, as does the rest of the Anthem, and I have less discomfort on the protruding outside ankle bones. I guess what I'm saying is, if you have boney feet that don't feel good in your boots, try these. I ride these with Union Force SL's; and the combination between the comfy boot and softer ankle straps is a good fit.
"great metal scraper" 1/18/2012
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Dakine Metal Scraper
  • Pros:  doesn't get dull, wax scrapings don't stick as much, thinner than plastic scrapers
  • Cons:  no nick for edges,

Experience:   I've used this scraper for a few seasons now and I like it more than plastic scrapers. It takes the wax off easier. It doesn't have a nick for the edges, but it is thin and hard so you can lightly sweep the wax off of edges. I was initially worried that it might damage my base, but as long as you use the right amount of pressure it works great. Mine came a little warped, but it still works great.
"Dakine tool" 1/18/2012
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Dakine Torque Driver Blue
  • Pros:  More bits than you'll need, small, ratchet makes adjusting easier
  • Cons:  The opening to the bits gets stuck/too tight, falling on it hurts... a lot,

Experience:   I've had this tool for 3 seasons now and think it's perfect for at home and on the hill adjustments. I've only needed to use 2 of the bits for my Cartels and Drake bindings, but it comes with a few other bits. The ratchet system makes adjustments super quick and much easier than with a screwdriver. I've learned to keep this tool in my highback backpack because falling on it hurts a lot. The only thing I don't like is if you overtighten the opening to the bits, it becomes really difficult to open and I've had to use my teeth a few times. However, I guess that's preferable to opening too easily and losing the bits.
"As expected... Sweet" 9/12/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Burton Bonded Wordmark Fleece Men's
  • Pros:  Fuzzy warm inside, Zipper goes up to a front collar for warmth, Good for everyday or on mountain
  • Cons:  No Ipod pocket, No thumb holes, Hem in back
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Nice fo; not too tight, not too loose or overly baggy

Experience:   I really dig this hoodie, but it would have been cooler if there was a smaller pocket for ipod/id/cash. There is only the main two front pockets for hands. The fit is great and it's warm for the thickness of the fabric. One thing I don't really like it that there is a hem, perpendicular to the spine, around the shoulder blades that goes across the back. It usually doesn't bother me, except when I'm lying down. Otherwise, sweet hoodie for warmer boarding days or cold days around the house/town.
"Good warm day gloves" 1/14/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Grenade G.A.S. Snowboard Gloves Men's
  • Pros:  Comfortable, look great,
  • Cons:  they eventually get wet,

Experience:   I ended up buying these after I forgot my gloves at home. They ended up working really well but, like all pipe gloves, they eventually got wet. Worked great for a warm sunny weekend. I'll definitely keep them for this spring. the design is really sweet on the white ones.
"Nice snug fit- Great for cold days" 12/16/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Protec Riot Andreas Wiig Snowboard Helmet
  • Pros:  Perfect fit for my noggin, small front bill helps with goggles, comfortable all day
  • Cons:  Hot, even with all the vents, more expensive than my last helmet,

Experience:   I finally got to use my new protec and I really dig it. The small bill works as a shelf to keep your goggles up when you want them off your face. The fit is perfect for my head(I wear a medium)and no problems interfacing with any of my goggles (Dragon and Gordini). The only thing I don't like is that it is hotter than my last helmet, which was also a Pro-tec. Even with the 7 vents, it gets stuffy- especially on warmer days or days where i'm really pushing it. Removable liners and earpieces help with washing and temperature control. It might just be me, but it makes my head look really big- as did my last Pro-tec helmet. If that's not you're style, maybe a different brand is better. Although I've not head-planted yet (knock on wood), the helmet feels solid. My last Pro-tec helmet has lasted for 4 seasons and I still use it. I just thought it was time for an upgrade.
"Doesn't hold up with powder" 12/15/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Burton Air Logo Snowboard Mat
  • Pros:  Sticks well,
  • Cons:  Gets clogged easily with snow, Too big,

Experience:   I have this stomp pad on my first board, and I kind of wish I could just take it off without damaging the topsheet. It is a bit oversized and is not aesthetically pleasing. Also, on powder days the grooves get clogged and reduces the amount of traction you get with it. I have the Burton 'mini-scrapers' on another board and much prefer these. They offer better traction and are not as imposing on the graphics of the topsheet. As far as adhesion, I've not had problems with this stomp pad. I just followed the directions and it hasn't moved since.
"Not what I was expecting" 12/13/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Seven Snowboard Men's
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Park,Powder,Switch Riding
  • Pros:  Blunted tip and tail look sweet, Great flex pattern for jump lines, lightweight
  • Cons:  Stiffer than expected when buttering,

Experience:   I finally got to try the infamous Burton Se7en and have mixed thoughts about it. The tip and tail are stiffer than expected, which is great for jumps and ollies as the board has a lot of snap to it. However, it makes buttering more difficult than softer flexing boards. It also didn't feel as good as other boards when pushing through crud/bumpy popcorn snow. Boxes felt really natural with this board, and it handles high speeds well without feeling squirrely. I really wanted to like this board, but I have to say it's just not the board for me. It feels like too much of an all mountain for a park board, and too much of a park board for all mountain riding. Maybe it just takes some getting used to, but I think I'd prefer a different board for the amount of money this board costs.

Comments & Questions

***I forgot to say the the twin shape and flex make switch riding on this board really comfortable.

"Decent for the price" 12/3/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Lamar Diablo Snowboard Men's
  • Skill:  Beginner
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  Sweet graphics, Handles speed well, inexpensive
  • Cons:  weird nose/tail caps, Base does not hold wax well, too stiff

Experience:   I bought this board for my fiance's brother because he liked the graphics on the board and it was inexpensive. After riding it, I have to say it's not my cup of tea. The base does not hold wax well, and was showing the cloudy fading on the edges after just a few runs. It is a stiffer board, so it handles speed well, but the base itself is not very fast. Because it is stiff, it does not butter well, and you really have to muscle into it to manual. The board is also heavier than expected, so jumping and ollies are not as fun. It's a great board for learning, as it is inexpensive. Carving and linking turns felt great, so I would think it would be a good board for a beginner. However, in powder the nose tends to sink forcing me to lean back more than other boards. I tried moving my bindings back an inch, and that helped, but this board really only felt good on groomed runs. Overall, not a bad buy, but I think he'll want a better board the more he feels comfortable riding.
"Pickle BTX 2011- Park, and then some." 12/2/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 GNU Park Pickle BTX
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Boxes,Jumps,Rails
  • Pros:  Light board, Sweet graphics, More pop than expected
  • Cons:  Not as Flexy as expected,

Experience:   I finally got to demo a Pickle this past weekend. I had heard a lot about it and had high expectations. I really like this board. It is lightweight, has better edgehold than I expected it to, and is really easy to ollie with. I didn't take it on any rails, but it was awesome on boxes and jumps. I was, however, surprised that it was not as flexible as I had expected. I could butter fairly well, but expected this board to be as flexible as a skate banana. It is stiffer than the Lib skate banana and is a little less playful. On the upside, the pickle seemed to handle faster speeds without feeling as squirrley as the banana. Overall, it was a lot of fun, but I'd probably buy a different board for my park specific stick. After 2 solid days on it, I think it would make a great board for someone who loves the park, but also likes other aspects of snowboarding as well.
"Slightly heavier board with great flex" 11/22/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Forum Recon Wide Snowboard 156 Men's
  • Skill:  Beginner
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Low Speeds,Park,Powder,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  Great flex pattern, Not expensive, Easy to learn on
  • Cons:  Heavier board, bland graphics,

Experience:   I have this snowboard, but mine is not a wide version. It is the regular Recon. I really like this board. It is easy to maneuver, stiff enough to push through crud and bumps, but soft enough to try some manuals and buttercups. It doesn't chatter at high speeds and is easy to control when going fast. The tail is slightly stiffer and has some pop, but I've found difficulty getting my ollie's as good because it's a heavier board for it's size. I also think Forum changed it's base from previous years. This year's model seems to have a faster, slicker base. Another thing I like about the Recon, is that it is durable. It does great on boxes and jibs without getting too beat up. I haven't tried it on rails, so can't say, but older versions of the Recon didn't lock on to rails as well as other boards. Overall, a solid board for the money and a good board for the 'one board' guy/gal.
"Ventron- great deal Pipe/Park glove" 11/18/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 DC Ventron Snowboard Gloves Men's
  • Pros:  Inexpensive, Palm area has a good amount of grip, Warm when dry
  • Cons:  They eventually get wet, like most pipe gloves,

Experience:   These are the first pair of pipe gloves that I've owned. I've borrowed many a pair from friends and am glad to finally have my own. These gloves aren't amazing, but are really nice for the price. The palm area has some grip to help with board grabs, and they fit very snugly. These gloves are warmer than they appear, but do eventually take on water. The one thing I don't like about these gloves is that the loop for clipping the gloves to your sleeve/bag is made of very thin and weak appearing fabric. It doesn't look strong and I'm afraid it will rip if the glove gets caught on something. Otherwise I am very happy with these gloves.
"Close to perfect sock" 11/17/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Ultralight
  • Pros:  Thin but warm, fuzzy and soft on the inside, good blend of dry-wick fabric
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  Socks fit perfectly and stay in place

Experience:   I love these socks. They are perfect for Tahoe conditions. I prefer thin socks, as they make my boots fit better, but hate cold toes. These socks have the perfect blend of thinness, warmth, moisture-wick, and fit. They don't bunch up, either. My feet don't get too hot on warm sunny days, and these socks hold their own on cold days and during night boarding. I wish they were on sale. I'd buy more of them. Seriously, they are my favorite snowboard sock. I've tried wig-wams, other burton socks, smartwools, wool socks, etc. These are by far my favorite.
"Good thin sock" 11/17/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Wigwam Snow Whisper Pro
  • Pros:  great for warmer days, wicks moisture very well, does not bunch
  • Cons:  not too warm, thinner than expected,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  Stretches to fit

Experience:   I really like these socks, but reserve them for warmer days. They fit well. Initially, they appear small for the size, but stretch to fit very well. The fabric is thin but strong. One thing I love about these is that they won't bunch up in your boots. The fabric is great at wicking moisture and they have yet to start smelling. I'm very happy with these socks, but don't think I'll use them for night boarding or really cold days.
"Perfect sock!!!" 11/17/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Wigwam Snow Glade Pro
  • Pros:  warm, thin, stays in place, no bunching
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  Stretches to fit perfectly

Experience:   I just got these socks and I love them. They are on the thinner side, but plenty warm and will NOT bunch up on your feet in your boot. Also, for the price, you really can not go wrong with buying these. It's crazy, but I actually feel more control with a thinner sock and have better days on the mountain. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase!
"Great bindings for the price" 11/6/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Union Force
  • Pros:  Comfortable, Solid feel, Easy in/out
  • Flex:  soft

Experience:   I got to finally try these bindings last week for my first ride of the season. I traded set-ups with my friend, for the day, and tried these bindings with a Sierra Stunt 155. These bindings seemed solid and felt softer than my cartels. They fit really well the Stunt as it was a softer flexing board. I didn't take the board very fast, so I can't tell how they would hold up if I needed really responsive bindings; but they worked great for jumps, boxes and butters. Overall, I had a lot of fun in the park with these.
"Sierra Stunt" 11/6/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Sierra Stunt Snowboard
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Butters,Jibs,Jumps,Low Speeds
  • Pros:  Great soft flex, lightweight, pimp graphics

Experience:   I got to borrow my friend's stunt for my first season ride last weekend at Boreal. I really like this board. The size was a little small for me, as it was a 155 and I'm 5'11'' and 195, but I spent most of my time on park features and flatground butters. This board butters waaay easier than my reverse crew and was very easy to maneuver. I didn't try going fast on this board, but even at moderate speeds, it felt a bit shakey. This can, however, be attributed to the smaller size of the board for my size. Overall, a very playful and fun board. I didn't try it on rails, but it rode great on boxes and was a lot of fun on jumps and small kickers. I really want this board for my park stick, but i guess I can just borrow it again.
"Hybrid Moments" 11/5/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Grenade CC138
  • Pros:  Misfits!, Awesome looking, Similar mittens available
  • Cons:  these get wet fast,

Experience:   I use these gloves as a base layer for my hands, worn under my mittens, when it gets really cold. They are by far the sickest gloves I own. I have the black/white (bullet single) pattern. They are not that waterproof, and get wet fast, but as an underlayer they work great. To be honest, there are better pipe gloves out there, but if you're a misfits/samhain/danzig fan, you will love these.
"Misty fire Bansko softshell" 10/20/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 DC Bansko
  • Pros:  Super waterproof, bright colors, soft, fuzzy warm inside
  • Cons:  no glove clips on the sleeves., no vents.,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Fits like a large- kinda tight around the chest.

Experience:   I got this at the end of last year. I got the misty fire color scheme, and the colors were brighter than expected. teh inside is blue fleece like material that is warm and comfortable. The outside is superwaterproof and the jacket is thicker than expected. I bought this for spring riding, but i think it will hiold up on moderately cooler days. I just wish it had more ventalation. Overall, I am very happy with this shirt/jacket!
"Eastwood riding shirt" 10/20/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Quiksilver Eastwood Top
  • Pros:  Good fit, styling, decent water resistance
  • Cons:  Not waterproof, Does not breathe too well,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Slimmer fit- a little long, but not too much

Experience:   I love this riding shirt. The fabric on the outside is water resistant, but not waterproof. It's great on spring days, but does take on water on prolonged days, especially when hot and slushy. The inside has a mesh liner, which is great for adding some ventalation, but it would be nice if they could incorporate pit vents for warmer days. Overall, a great shirt/jacket for warmer days or spring days. The Green shirt has more of a yellow tint than the picture shows.
"2007 dakine tool" 10/12/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Dakine Cool Tool
  • Pros:  Includes lots of heads for multiple uses, can adjust bindings quickly on slope, Fits into my highbackpack
  • Cons:  bigger than other tools, May hurt if you fall on it,

Experience:   I got this to be able to adjust my bindings as needed when on the mountain. I keep it in my highback-backpack, so I don't worry about falling on it and impailing myself on an edge. I've had it for 3 years and it still works great. Makes waxing my boards a lot easier as I always take off the bindings before waxing.
"I stole'em... but not really" 9/30/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Pipe Womens
  • Pros:  Good for spring riding, easy to put on/off,
  • Cons:  they hold water like most pipe gloves,

Experience:   I got these for my fiance, but since she doesn't ride anymore I took them so they would get used. I have the white gloves with the brown pattern. They are good, as far as pipe gloves go. Most pipe gloves I've used end up getting wet and holding water, so I didn't expect these to be any different. I've been using them under my mittens on cold days, and they work great. I'm still waiting to hear someone mention that they're women's gloves, but the white/browm pattern could pass as unisex i guess. Either way, they are nice. The size I have is medium, but they're pretty stretchy and flexible so they fit my hands snugly.
"Awesome hoodie" 9/30/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Analog Analogo 5 Basic
  • Pros:  Sweet Graphic, Medium thick fabric, Looks awesome (mine is grey)
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Fit's just bit loose, but not baggy... perfect.

Experience:   I got this as a gift and I love it. It fits perfectly and may be replacing my Burton and Slayer hoodie as my MVP. I have the grey one and really like how the Analog logo is stitched on. No extranious bells and whistles, just a solid hoodie.
"Toofer 2009" 9/29/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Special Blend Toofer Snowboard Pants
  • Pros:  adjustable to temperature, 2 pants in one, lots of pockets
  • Cons:  long and super baggy.,
  • Pant Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  baggy as hell.

Experience:   Awesome pants. they have lots of vents, pockets, and tech put in them. The pockets have drawstrings to keep the bottom of your pants out of the mud, and also have buttons to clip the bottom of the pants up on your leg. The outer shell is super waterproof and the inner removable sweatpant lining is really soft and warm. I use them as my pajama pants. Teh inner pants also have their own pockets, which is nice, and are really easy to remove and insert. Overall, I am very happy with these!!!
"grrr..." 9/28/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Snarl Slim Fit
  • Pros:  Sweet print, Wolf's rule, good for layering
  • Cons:  thin fabric, smaller size, not for people who lift weights
  • Fit:  Too small
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  snug

Experience:   I usually wear a large t-shirt, but I should have bought an XL. This shirt fit well in the store, but it shrank a bit in wash- not a lot, but just enough to go from 'good fit' to 'I'll just give this to my fiance'. I really like the print, but the sizing is more for skinnier people. Whatever, my fiance really likes it, so I guess it's still a win. I'd size up if you have some meat on your bones.
"way more comfy than expected" 9/28/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2008 Forum Constant
  • Pros:  Look really cool, Super comfortable, lightweight
  • Cons:  traditional laces,
  • Fit:  mid
  • Flex:  soft
  • Shoe Size:  9
  • Boot Size:  9

Experience:   I got to try these boots while carpetboarding at a friend's house. Granted, we were on carpet and he has broken them in, I was still really blown away by how comfortable these boots were. Decent heel cup and weight, as well. The only thing I did not really like was the traditional lacing system. I prefer the SLR speed lacing system. However, I really liked the comfort of this boot and may pick up a pair if I spend enough time in the park this season. If i buy boots for Park riding, I'd buy these.
"good deterrent" 9/24/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Dakine Cool Lock
  • Pros:  small, fits in pocket, can set own combo, deters theivin' d-bags
  • Cons:  not very strong/durable, plastic,

Experience:   This lock, like most snowboard locks, is great to deter anyone who tries to gaff your gear. However, it is not a strong lock and I'm sure a hammer would crack through this. That being said, it's a good purchase for peace of mind knowing anyone trying to steal your board will call a lot of attention to him/herself. Not bad for the money and it does it's job of keeping your gear safe at the resort.
"Sweet daypack!" 9/8/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Dakine Pilot
  • Pros:  great size for a day pack, hydration compatable, lots of pockets

Experience:   Great pack that is just the perfect size for a day trip on the mountain. It's versatils, so it can be used for work/school as well. Lots of pockets and good fit for my frame. I'm 5'11, 190# and it fits comfortably snug! It's also not too expensive and durable- overall a great deal!!!
"not bad for the money" 9/7/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Forum Recon
  • Skill:  Beginner
  • Pros:  inexpensive, durable, easy to learn good basics on
  • Cons:  heavy, wide, extruded base

Experience:   Forum Recon is a good all around board. It is a great board to learn the basics on, but comes up short when you start to progress as a rider. The Recon carves well and is durable. However, it is pretty heavy and is difficult to do tricks on. It does not have too much pop and tricks feel like you have to muscle them on this board. Extruded base is durable, but I always prefer sintered. For me, I just go faster and feel better with a sintered base. Also, extruded bases don't hold wax as well, so there is more upkeep to maintain a clean-looking and well riding base. Overall, a good board to learn on and super inexpensive!
"Great Value- Awesome lacing system" 8/5/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Forum Kicker SLR
  • Pros:  Very light boot, Awesome lacing system, minimal heel lift
  • Cons:  my 'laces' are fraying,
  • Fit:  mid
  • Flex:  mid
  • Shoe Size:  9.5
  • Boot Size:  9

Experience:   These boots are sick. The speed lacing system is great as it allows you to control the fit over the top of the foot, as well as the ankle/upper foot. My 'laces' (pull strings) started to fray after 1 season, but this has not affected the functionality of the boot- just cosmetic. they are really light and easy to break in. Combined with a light set-up, they give you excellent control. My feet have never gotten cold in them, as well. Overall, great boot for the money.
"Good starter board... just kinda heavy" 8/5/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Forum Recon
  • Skill:  Beginner
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Low Speeds,Powder
  • Pros:  not so expensive, durable, versatile
  • Cons:  heavy, wider, extruded base

Experience:   The recon is a great starter board. It doesn't really excel in any one category, but does a lot of things well. Pretty stable at high speeds and great for learning. I use it as my back-up board. It is heavy, though and doesn't do jumps/park as well as other boards I've tried. The base also doesn't hold wax well, and I've noticed I have to wax this board more than my other boards with sintered bases. Otherwise, it is a solid board and durable. I've taken a few nasty hits with this, and it his yet to delam- I just have a bunch of Dents around the board. It has a great mid-flex and is versatile on the mountain. Graphics are kinda dull.
"Stylin' warm hoodie" 7/7/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Analog Lineation Basic
  • Pros:  Sweet colors and design, It will keep you warm.,
  • Cons:  i paid full price buying outside of sierra.,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  true to fit. Not too baggy or tight.

Experience:   Awesome hoodie. I wear this all the time, even on Summer mornings when it's just a little cold. The fit is perfect, as are my other Burton hoodies. It's great to throw on for the drive to the mountain. The inside is nice and fuzzy, which makes it super comfortable.
"cool but the bottoms are too soft" 6/30/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Gravis Crescent
  • Pros:  They're still usable now (6/2010),
  • Cons:  Soft bottoms,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Good flip flops. Not too tight over the top of my foot.

Experience:   I picked these up a couple of years ago for a Vegas trip. Flip flops generally don't last too long, but these have held up alright. Granted, I don't wear them too often. One thing I did notice is that sometimes small rocks dig in and get stuck to the bottom of the sandal. This does not cause any discomfort, but makes a scratching/grinding sound when walking. It's a pain to have to stop and use a key to pop out the embedded rock. However, this happens with other sandals I own so I think it's just part of the deal. Overall, a good buy and good sandals.
"thin Analog beanie" 6/18/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Analog Regulation
  • Pros:  comfortable, great for crazy hair days, comfy
  • Cons:  thin (may fit well under a helmet),
  • Fit:  Too big
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  It fits well around, but it's really long. Lots of fabric.

Experience:   I got the black beanie and it works great for lazy Sundays when I just don't have the desire to shower or comb my hair. I don't think I'll use it boarding unless it's early or late in the season and warm on the hills. It does, however, look pimp.
"Sweet wrm socks" 6/15/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Party
  • Pros:  warm, soft and comfortable,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  fit as described

Experience:   These are great socks for boarding! My feet stayed nice and warm, and they were tight enough so they didn't bunch up anywhere in my boot. They do, however go missing and end up in my fiancee's dresser. Theivin'. Maybe I should buy 2 pairs.
"K2 continues to impress" 6/14/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 K2 Turbo Dream
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Off Trail,Park,Powder,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  Sweet graphics, awerome flatline, K2 is awesome!

Experience:   I got to demo this board last season and thought it was awesome. I have a K2 Eldorado, and this board seems similar except for the flatline tech. The board help well under high speeds and felt comfortable on jumps. It was medium weight, but carved really well. It also had a really nice flex- enough to press and butter a little, but not enough to make the chatter uncomfortable at high speeds. I really wanted to buy one this season, but my quiver is getting stuffed.
"magne-awesome" 6/14/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Lib Tech Skate Banana Yellow
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Boxes,Jumps
  • Pros:  great flex, magne traction works!, sweet colors

Experience:   I got to switch boards with a friend who has this board. I was riding the Sierra Reverse Crew 159, and I got to try the skate banana. I could definitely feel the magnetraction as it was really icy in the morning. Where the Sierra RC washed out, the lib tech didn't. i think this will be my next rockered board!
"Thin, tighter shirt" 6/13/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Analog Stilleto Premium TShirt
  • Pros:  cool design,
  • Cons:  really thin fabric, too small,
  • Fit:  Too small
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  smaller than expected

Experience:   I got this shirt and thought it looked really cool. I ordered a large. I usually wear Large to some XL shirts, but this shirt fit more like a bigger medium. It's also made from really thin fabric. i'm not disappointed with it, but if i had to do it over again, i would probably buy a different shirt.
"light, cool shorts" 6/13/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Analog Censor
  • Pros:  light material, cool, sweet patterns
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  Fit great!

Experience:   These are great summer shorts. They are light and have a cool pattern. also, the Metalic Analog emblem on the back is pretty sweet. The fact that they are very inexpensive is also really cool. I got a pair of 34, and they fit just a little loose. definitely not baggy, but comfortably loose.I usually weat 34 pants.
"They work... that's all i need" 6/9/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Dakine Replacement Snowboard Files
  • Pros:  Good file for tuning/detuning,

Experience:   These do a great job at changing your edges. After I file, i usually go over the same area with a gummy stone to smooth it out. No problems so far!
"Foursquare fits me great" 6/8/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2006 Foursquare Plaid
  • Pros:  stylin, fits great,
  • Cons:  I now have 3 of them,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  a bigger medium

Experience:   I love foursquare hats. They just fit my head perfectly. I dig the flexfit... not too big or small. If my hair is short, it'll feel just a bit loose, and if my hair is longer, the cap fits snug. Either way, it doesn't droop over my ears of sit too high. It's just right. i now have 3 of these. the first 2 were different versions of the foursquare logo.
"Great Socks, but they shrink a little" 5/13/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Buffer
  • Pros:  warm, looks sweet,
  • Cons:  fiance keeps stealing them.,
  • Fit:  Too big
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  M
  • Description:  A little big initially, but they shrunk to be snug

Experience:   These are great socks for snowboarding. They are warm and keep feet warm without being too bulky. I actually like that they shrink, as they were a little big out of the packaging. They are super comfortable and soft, but that means my fiance keeps stealing them. I think I'll have to buy a few more pairs.
"Sierra Reverse Crew 159" 4/20/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Sierra Reverse Crew Snowboard
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Groomed,Park,Powder,Switch Riding,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  Good Flex, Pop, Lightweight, Overall Solid Board
  • Cons:  Not good on ice (most rockered boards),

Experience:   Bought this board late season while they were 70% off. Got 1 full day on it and LOVE it. Handled speed well, but got some chatter when going as fast as I can. Early morning ice caused some washouts, but otherwise it's a great board. On groomers and powder, this thing was amazing. It's really light, so jumps are super easy. It also has more pop than expected and Ollies are super fun on this. The rocker makes manuals easy. It's just fun to play around on this board. Flexible but stable. It also does all the basic well, too- good turn initiation, good edgehold in most places, good speed, good control, etc. It's definitely worth the money. On morning ice, I washed out a few times- which never happens with my other non-rocker boards, but after getting used to the rocker, I had no problems. Overall I am very happy with this board. Graphics are classic and tastefully beautiful.
"Cross stomp pad tiles 07" 4/6/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Dakine Cross Studs
  • Pros:  look good, a little extra grip,
  • Cons:  none, mine stuck,

Experience:   I had no problem with the adhesive, as others have written. I bought mine in 2007 and they are still very much stuck on my board. I have a K2 Eldorado, and the topsheet is more of a matte finish, rather than a gossy finish. I probably didn't need a stomp pad for this board, because I just push my boot against the back binding, but a little extra traction doesn't hurt. Maybe they changed the adhesive after 07, but I haven't had any problems with them.
"burton cartel 2008" 4/19/2008
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Burton Cartel 2008
  • Pros:  I love the capstrap and the overall comfort of the binding. I bought these bindings to replace my Drake bindings and I can't even begin to tell you the difference I feel with these. Way more comfortable with better response. My feet no longer get achy, even after riding from 10-7.
  • Cons:  These are pricey, but worth it. I was lucky to get these, near the end of the season, for half off.

"Salomon Dialogue boots '07" 3/17/2008
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Salomon Dialogue
  • Pros:  The speed lacing system is awesome. It's quick and I love being able to adjust the bottom and top sections independently of each other.
  • Cons:  It took about 7 solid days to soften these up. they are comfortable, but stiff.

Experience:   People have said that the plastic clip falls off, but I haven't found that to be a problem at all. I often wrap the inner lining of my snowboard pants over the top of the boot (after being laced up) and this has never been a problem for me.
"K2 Eldorado" 3/16/2008
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 K2 Eldorado
  • Pros:  Stiff and stable board that will get you down the mountain faster than your friends. Great for racing'em to the bar. Solid construction and durable. I love riding this board.
  • Cons:  I have a hard time with ground tricks on this board. Maybe I'm just not used to it yet, but it doesn't flex that much.

Experience:   In powder this board is amazing. It also has lots of pop if you like jumps.

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