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Ginger Name Andrew
Location Sandy, UT, US
Level Local  (2005 points)
Member Since 9/7/2008
Ginger is Offline
"I ride Brighton Utah!!" 
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Languages: view all languages
Years Riding: 10
Average Days/Year: 50
Skill Level: advanced
Riding Style: all mountain
Area of Expertise: snowboards
Preferred Terrain: powder, backcountry, park, groomers
Sizing Info  
Height/Weight: 5'10, 175 lbs
Board Size: 156
Boot Size: 9.5
Clothing Size: L
Jacket Size: L
Pants Size: XL
Thermal Size: M
Ride with Me  
Region: Rockies
Location: Utah
Resort: The Canyons
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PRODUCT REVIEWS   (view all brand reviews)
"Best goggles ever" 2/21/2010
Helpful Review?   (5) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Anon Figment Painted
  • Pros:  Great Vents/Never Fog, Look amazing/Stylish, Strap trading

Experience:   These are the best goggles ever. The vent system is waaaaay better than oakley, electric and dragon. Ive had all three of those types and they always fogged and then the fog would freeze and turn into ice. The figments, or anon goggles really, are just great. Three model types and ive loved them more than any other brand out there.
"fuuuuuun " 5/28/2010
Helpful Review?   (4) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Sierra Reverse Crew Snowboard
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Low Speeds,Off Trail,Powder,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  Really fun for buttering, holds strong in choppy stuff, pop
  • Cons:  struggles on icy steep runs,

Experience:   I went up to snowbird utah today to do some freeriding on my new Reverse Crew 159. For a reverse camber board it held an edge pretty well, but struggled a little bit on steep icy groomers. I usually straight these so it wasn't a big deal. Buttering was so easy and smooth and this board has amazing pop. I wouldn't recommend this to the most technical all mountain rider, just the one who want's to goof around and have a lot of fun.

Comments & Questions

does this board chip easily around the edges?i have that problem with my current board

The topsheet chips.

"Comfy and long" 6/7/2010
Helpful Review?   (3) Yes    (3) No

  • Name: 2010 Volcom Euro Bold SS Basic
  • Pros:  cheap, longer sleeves, longer length
  • Cons:  none,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  The fit of the shirt was perfect

Experience:   For the price of this shirt it is a great deal. What i like most is that it's a longer shirt that still keeps a slimmer fit. Also the sleeves go right down to the elbows and don't look baggy at all.
"best facemask out there" 12/15/2010
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Neff Ewolf Facemask
  • Pros:  Tie off's, Fabric on the inside, Looks good
  • Cons:  can come undone sometimes,

Experience:   Best facemask I've ever owned. Ever. Why? Because unlike hankies this thing has some sort of soft fabric on the mouth side, it might be cotton idk honestly. But it doesn't get soaked from your breathing like hanks do. And then there are the tie things unlike the whole hanky part you have to tie and they stay in place a lot better than the hanky ones but they still can come undone. However definatly the best one I've ever owned. I use it every night up @ brighton to keep meh face warms!
"Not as good as I thought" 12/12/2010
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Union Sierra Contact SL
  • Pros:  Sick colors, Super Light, Union/Trusted Brand/ SS!!
  • Cons:  Doesn't fit boot size advertised..., Feels kinda sloppy,
  • Flex:  soft

Experience:   So riding these I noticed something... They don't fit 32 boots!! 32 lashed boots are to wide for these.. even at the advertised size... which really pissed me off. The boot will fit but the whole boot isnt on the bed and it presses your boot in and it's super odd. But besides that it was really good. The toe strap needs some adjusting but it works better than the forces toe strap, also its really light and park feelingish. But with that it seems a bit sloppy, like they didn't take much time making it.. I don't think i would tell someone to get this over the union forces.
"stylish and warm" 6/6/2010
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (4) No

  • Name: 2010 Sessions Monaco
  • Pros:  warm,
  • Cons:  hugs the head a little tight,
  • Fit:  Too small
  • My Size:  M
  • Fits Like:  S
  • Description:  a little tight

Experience:   I like this beanie. It is nice and warm but the fit is a little bit tight. I usually wear a looser beanie and the fit took a little bit to get used to.
"stylish shorts" 6/6/2010
Helpful Review?   (2) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Uptown Shorts
  • Pros:  stylish, comfortable, good material
  • Cons:  need a 35 in waist,
  • Fit:  Too big
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  The 34s were too small and the 36s were too big

Experience:   I love these shorts but i tried the 34s and they were a little small so i got a 36 and they are a little too big. Great thickness of the material though. Not too light not too heavy
"KENNY CHIMPS!" 1/3/2012
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 Capita Defender Of Awesome Snowboard DVD
  • Pros:  Very creative, Get to know the riders a little, The extras are awesome
  • Cons:  Some of the extras are wtf., Some riders didn't have very good parts, Kind of short.

Experience:   The DVD in general was a pretty good watch, I would recommend it for sure but after a couple of riders it just starts to get kind of bland. Scotty Stevens (attcha boi ;D) freaking ripped it apart though, and it slowly got worse until I was like, wtf is this? and then Mike Rav brought some life back to it... The female riders weren't that great. At all. Danger P was the only good one, and she's great. But it has a fun nature to the video and I in general liked it. Go Capita! :)
"Good, not great" 12/14/2010
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 20 Tricks Volume 4 Snowboard DVD
  • Pros:  Advanced tricks, Pros teaching it, Transworld is awesome
  • Cons:  Only 20 tricks?, Not that detailed,

Experience:   the transworld 20 tricks idea was a really good idea.. But the tricks they go over most of the time require a lot of previous knoweledge and isn't really for begginers. 20 tricks isn't that many by the way.. feels like time flys when watching this. If they combined all of their volumes this would work out better, but they don't, they (try to) make you pay... :). But having all of these 80 tricks isn't as good as snowboard addictions movies.. those help more than anything, get those before you get these. These are a great add-on to those.
"Could be better" 12/14/2010
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Skullcandy Icon 2 Headphones Abel Black
  • Pros:  Lifetime warrenty, Sleek design, good for boarding, Good color choice
  • Cons:  Could have better sound quality,

Experience:   Mine are the first icons that skull candy made.. And ya they are sweet and they work perfect, but the sound quality just isn't that good. I just got a pair of ear buds that fit into all of your first ear space and they have better sound quality than these do. Witha all that space you think they could have made a better headphone, but they are really nice for boarding and I'm sure that the newer and newer ones will all have better quality. But the oringinals didn't.
"Fits big, but it's awesome" 12/14/2010
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Restricted Bates Cargo Snowboard Pants Men's
  • Pros:  Awesome colors, keeps your warm, durable material
  • Cons:  no vents!,
  • Pant Fit:  Too big
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  A size big

Experience:   The first thing I noticed when I got these pants is that they are a lot brighter than they are in the picture. I got the light blue ones, they look awesome, but definatly brighter than the picture. Also when trying these on they run big for sure. A L feels like an XL. But you can tighten them so they work fine. A big thing that pissed me off was that they don't have leg vents to let off some heat if it's like a summer day... which is really odd comming from burton. A plus is that they can zipper onto any burton company coat. I'm guessing they're gunna get dirty quick but w.e. Good pant, more of a winter than spring pant
"All mountain bindings? IDK..." 11/1/2010
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Union Force
  • Pros:  Solid Binding, Look Dope, Good flex
  • Cons:  More flex than hoped, Toe straps arrrggghhh,
  • Flex:  soft

Experience:   So like everyone says the unions are a pretty good bindings for all mountain.. so I buy it. It could work for all mountain but I would keep towards the park with these, or jibbing. They flex a lot more than I had realized and were not that great for fast cuts at a fast speed. AND THE TOE STRAPS OMG. They kept falling off and it wasnt coool. But im gunna buy a ride strap upgrade and fix that asap. Would be 5 star if it werent for that toe strap.. just a warning they are flexy... imo not an all mountain.
"Good shorts" 5/27/2010
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Happiness Short
  • Pros:  stylish, good material,
  • Cons:  none,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  34 fits like a 34

Experience:   These shorts are great. Fit perfectly and way stylish. A lot of shorts a really cheaply made and the material is way too thin. These are the perfect thickness, not too light not too heavy
"Someone Get Me Some Toast!" 4/26/2010
Helpful Review?   (1) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton The Hero Ltd
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Groomed,Low Speeds,Off Trail,Park,Powder,Switch Riding,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  Super Buttery (compared to what Im used to), Awesome Graphics, Just uber fun
  • Cons:  Seems like the sides dent easily.., Pricey (until sierra came to the rescue!),

Experience:   I love this board comming from my 09 blunt. Its super soft, flexible, Buttery, whatever you call it, its good like that. Really forgiving. Some people say its not stable at high speeds? Define high speeds. Ive never gotten fast enough on this board to feel uncomfortable. LOVE THIS BOARD.

Comments & Questions

Great board, very soft and flexible. It helped me inprove my tricks in the park and my carving. The channel system is awesome and the vrocker too. Great buy.

"AMMO Nailed it." 1/3/2012
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2012 32 Thirty Two Ammo Snowboard DVD
  • Pros:  Really Cheap, Great Riders,
  • Cons:  Kinda short,

Experience:   So I'm at Salty Peaks buying a little here and there and decide to buy the AMMO dvd for some of the locals here that live in Utah that are on the am team, who are better than the pros imo. So glad I did. These guys are awesome, they kid around at the start and then get down to business. So many absurd tricks, and are making me think why are these guys ams? Also really good music/editing. Huge movie for what I payed for it, I think 6 bucks? Buy it.
"Great for non est, except they rip you off!!" 8/30/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Retro Disc
  • Pros:  Allows normal bindings on EST boards, Super useful, saves money, Dont break
  • Cons:  Super hard, Can slip around, THEY CAN BE FREE!!!!!!

Experience:   Well first things first, these are easily usable and one without est bindings should totally get, they are great. But my main thing is that YOU CAN GET THEM FOR FREE!!! Just email burton about it, they will send you some in the mail for free. it takes like 2-3 weeks but hey it's free.
"Burton Delivers." 8/30/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2011 The B Special Edition Snowboard DVD
  • Pros:  Lots of big names, Good tricks/setups, Good Filming
  • Cons:  All about this B,

Experience:   Pretty good movie, worth buying in my opinion. Has a lot of big names and some seriously creative things. A lot of it also has to do with the friendship that comes with snowboarding and how you're supposed to be having fun and not taking things to seriously. And yet they still pack some serious stuff in there. Great movie, but it's limited to this giant B. See the same basic setup every time.
"Park Rocker... Rocks" 1/27/2011
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Signal Park Rocker
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Boxes,Rails
  • Pros:  Super Fun, Buttery, Super Rocker
  • Cons:  None,

Experience:   I don't get why people are saying this board is only great for rails... I disagree! I can beat my friends using reg board with this board. Although ya it is super rocker, it still preforms, doesn't pop much, as to be expected with a noddle. But this board can still hit jumps easily, it's not really even that unsteady, I love it. It made me sell all my other boards and just have this one, because it is the only one I am using, but not for the reg camber kinda person...
"Worth it.. For sure" 12/13/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Dakine Super Tune Snowboard Tune Kit
  • Pros:  Lots of tools, Nice iron, lots of p-tex
  • Cons:  not enough wax, cheap wax, Instructions are kinda bad

Experience:   Im not sure about the 2011 version but the 2010 version was super awesome when I got it for christmas. It came with 2 different colors of ptex which I still havn't used up even a stick. Comes with a ton of tools like a hard brush gummy stone a file and an edge file, wax polisher and all kinds of nice stuff. Def a good kit if your not 100% what your doing, but the instructions don't really tell you how to use the edge file.. still confused onthat. And the wax lasted till a couple weeks ago, sure it's not that great but wax is wax.. And Iwish it came with more but it was enough for that kit. Buy it if you need something to tune your board up all te time.
"Triad.. not a park binding" 12/13/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Triad EST Snowboard Bindings - Men's
  • Pros:  Durable, EST, Stiff all mountain binding
  • Cons:  Pricey, Awkward at first,

Experience:   When I looked at the triad my first thought was wow what a small highback, I bet this will do well in the park. WRONG. Triad is a pretty stiff binding by my standards. It's great for all mountain riding where you need more control and support, but it's also soft enough for just groomer riding. Not good for jibbing and rails. I don't know exactly how such a small binding gives so much support but it does. So if you ride park enough don't get this binding, I'd say go missions. Also the EST works great with the channel. Not a huge fan on the graphics though
"An all mountain hero" 12/13/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Custom V-Rocker LTD
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Low Speeds,Park,Powder
  • Pros:  Super fun to ride, Looks awesome, Great all mountain board
  • Cons:  Not a twin :(, Directional,

Experience:   I view this board as an upgraded burton hero. It's basically the hero with a few tweaks. It's more of an all mountain board but still does well in the park. It handles rough terrain a lot better than i had expected thanks to the directional flex and shape, but with that it auto takes from park and buttering, but like I said it's still the hero, still will butter thanks to the V rocker, still does park better than expected and owns jumps.I can't ride switch very well and the custom doesn't help.. So in other words if your looking for more all mountain burton hero go this board, if your more park and softer flex person go hero. Board is stiffer but it's still so much fun, ads some pop...
"Just like the custom" 12/12/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Sierra Crew LTD Animal Hybrid
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Groomed,High Speeds,Low Speeds,Off Trail,Switch Riding,Ungroomed
  • Pros:  So much cooler than the normal crew, Rides just like the custom, perfect all mountain board
  • Cons:  Had to do some custom edge work,

Experience:   I've ridden the custom and the crew.. crew wins. Custom IS a better board but the crew offers almost as much with a HUGE cut in the price. So worth it. If your looking for a board that can handle all mountain riding like groomers ungroomed little powder ice and highspeeds pick this. It really sucks up the bumps and stomps jumps. It's a really great camber board, pick it up and try it.
"Sick sticker.. but hard to place" 12/12/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2010 Sierra Paint Splat Diecut
  • Pros:  Looks sick, Good color choice, REPPIN SS!!
  • Cons:  Really awkward design, Hard to place on snowboard,

Experience:   Well i recieved this sticker as a gift from someone who I bought of pair of oakley crowbars... Needless to say I was super stoked to find it in there.. But it's really odd. I mean it looks cool and everything but trying to find a place to put this on a snowboard is really really hard. And then actually placing it is hard to. With all those flood marks its hard to peel off the top layer. But still decent sticker, to bad SS is gone.
"So sick.." 12/12/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Sierra Community
  • Pros:  Super comfy, SAVE THE WINTERS!!, Nice graphics
  • Cons:  My school took it cuz I left in a locker! :(,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Tad baggy.. which is awesome

Experience:   My school is jelly. They took this shirt from me when I left it in a locker.. :(. But before that I was loving this thing. It is a way nice cotton T that doesnt stretch and the graphics are amazing. I loved wearing this and promoting SS. To bad its outa stock now.. Was gunna get it again for xmas! :(
"Best free T i've gotten" 12/12/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Sierra Ready to Butter
  • Pros:  Good colors, Sick graphics, COMFY
  • Cons:  Fades a tad, only one good color now :(,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Little baggy... its good though

Experience:   Well my bro got this T-Shirt when he reached ski bum, but I wear it more than he does. I love it, its suuuuuper soft and doesnt stretch along the neck. Really sick graphics and colors.. and I love that SS toast.. I freaking love toast.. :). Not much to say except this T is amazing and works. To bad it fades a tad in the wash!
"Keeps you warm" 12/11/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (1) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Ronin Cheetah Snowboard Jacket Men's
  • Pros:  Looks good, very warm, Lots of odd pockets
  • Cons:  Those blasted buttons!,
  • Jacket Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  A little loose but still awesome

Experience:   My brother originally bought this coat but I used it for a whole season while he was at college. It's a really nice coat. The design looks better in the picture than it does in person though, kind of an odd material but it works and looks good, not amazing but still good. I go night boarding at brighton so it gets really cold up there, but I was wearing an undershirt and stayed warm, a little chilly while going up the chair lift but it wasn't that bad, as long as your not gunna be stuck in the mountains all night this will hold up. One thing about all burton owned companies is that they all have those zippers that connect to your pants, they keep the powder out better than those button things and work really well. And of course the coat has a lot of pockets you should expect from a good coat like season pass holder, IPod pocket etc. One complaint, there are these buttons on all the pockets that arn't even used... and look FUGLY imo. So I just cut em off and it look so much better! Good coat, I'd recommend
"I'd go smith..." 12/11/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Red Mutiny 2 Snowboard Helmet - Men's
  • Pros:  Light, Fits well, Good padding
  • Cons:  Marks easy, NO FREAKING VENTS,

Experience:   I wore this once and sold it to a friend for a reason. You BURN in it. I have to wear beanies under helmets as it's not comfy for me. When I did i burnt up. Even at 22 degree tempretures up in the rocky mountains with a big wind my head was sweating... It traps the heat and just doesn't let it go! That's really my only complaint besides how the matte finish attracts dirt like a magnent. But this helmet is really light and really strong.. But it being light isn't worth it compared to the tiny heavier smith helmets, which your hands might be able to tell the difference but you neck sure doesn't. Good thing about this is it fits anon goggles very well and most others pretty well, also has good padding... but most helmets do. It does work though... I caught an edge and hit the side of my head on the rail, minor dent in the helmet and I didn't feel a thing.. very sturdy nicely made helmet that you die in if wearing a beanie..
"Better than R.E.D" 12/11/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Smith Holt Snowboard Helmet - Men's
  • Pros:  Looks sick, Removable Padding, Vents
  • Cons:  uhhh, mmmm, NONE!

Experience:   I've only gone riding with this like three nights now, which were all in a row but so far this thing is preforming extremely well. It fits over my beanie so I dont freeze during the nights up @ brighton and the strap has a pad on it so it doesn't cut into my neck.. which I've had problems with before. Also the back neck pad and the ear pads can be taken off... which is nice if you skate or rollerblade, which I don't but it helps if I wanted to re-sell. Also im not sure if the top inner pads can be removed but I don't think they can, however they arn't huge pads and still work with my beanie that normally keeps me warm, so it's a good pad that doesn't take up to much room. This thing already saved me once, slipped on a rail and hit my head on the rail... didn't hurt at all. And I'm so glad I choose to wear one, if in doubt get this helmet!
"Analog is soooo amazing. Great coat" 11/26/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Analog Chapel
  • Pros:  Looks sick, Is warm, Vents, FAKE BUTTONS!!
  • Cons:  Hoods a little awkward,
  • Jacket Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  A little baggy

Experience:   I got this coat for 70 bucks. I thought it would be a good spring time jacket. I took it up to the peak of snowbird and it was sooo windy... this thing kept me warm. Its a great all around coat, analog is so dedicated to making good coats. I have 2 now, and both are sooooo nice, and warm, and bombproof. The design is also beastly with the watches on the inside and the fake buttons on the out. There are goggle pockets, ipod pockets, season pass pockets, all kinds of pockets. This is the dopest coat ever
"Keep on getting better" 11/25/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2011 Union Force
  • Pros:  Lighter, Stronger, DOPE Colors
  • Cons:  The toe strap... STILL, TIGHT SCREWS OMG,
  • Flex:  mid

Experience:   This years forces are lighter and stronger.. and still the same in oh so many ways. They have improved greatly on the look of the binding. They started with the functionality and they improved on the looks. They need to start going back to functionality. The toe strap still fits really awkwardly.. that's been there for every year. But 2011 forces ankle screws are tightened to an EXTREME. I mean EXTREME!!!! Like it took me 20 minutes to get one screw off. Buy em still though!!! Really great binders
"Notice the picture..." 11/25/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Retro Disc
  • Pros:  Turns Oldies into Newsies, Saves a ton of money,
  • Cons:  No color options, Not quality made, Slips pretty easily

Experience:   So I got these bad boys and yes they work... Yes they save you money and you get to keep your old binders. But there is some minor setbacks. 1. You don't get any color choice, not a big deal. 2. The top looks like crap, doesn't look like they spent much time on finishing them and making them look good, looks like they just popped out of a mold and threw em in the truck. 3. They are not as secure as the est binding ones. They don't tighten as much and I had to tighten them 3 times during one night of riding, but they work. You could just call burton and they will mail you some for free though.. :)

Comments & Questions

What number do you call?

"IMO not as good as earlier years?" 11/1/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Thirty Two Lashed Snowboard Boots - Men's
  • Pros:  Amazing lace system, Warm and cozy, Mid flex for all around goodness
  • Cons:  Not as comfy as 09 boots, NO LOOPS ON BACK WTF,
  • Fit:  stiff
  • Flex:  mid
  • Shoe Size:  10
  • Boot Size:  10

Experience:   So i had taken my budies lashed 2 days in a row boarding last week. They were amazing. Took mine on saturday up to brighton.. broke em in the day b4. Needless to say there wasnt as much padding in the boot itself. Which i was sort of disappionted by. But they still felt good. Also on the 09's the strap on the inside to tighten around your shin area was this rubber part to grab and it was nice and felt good, as wierd as that sounds. On the 10's its just the strap.. kinda let down. The biggest thing that pissed me off is that there isnt a loop on the back! Its hard to put boots on without that loop ive noticed and It doesnt look nearly as cool. But a minor flaw. Now the good things, oh the lace system is so much better than burtons.. its not even funny.. its amazing.. also they worked really well jibbing and got out of that stiff newness really fast.. then it got really cold.. my feet stayed nice n warm. Bottem line buy them, but i really wish they had those 09 stuff in em.
"Perfect all around boot" 10/24/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Thirty Two Lashed Snowboard Boots - Men's
  • Pros:  For a wider foot.. wider boot, i love it, Mine look sick, they are purpel!, Amazing all around boot
  • Cons:  Uhhh...? NONE,
  • Fit:  stiff
  • Flex:  mid
  • Shoe Size:  10
  • Boot Size:  10

Experience:   I got this boot after my brother got it.. same year too. First i thought it was kinda stiff flex. But like all boots it takes a bit to get them to get to what they are supposed to be. But after that they worked wonders, so much better than my Tm-twos. They are a softer more all around boot that do almost every job, whether your a park junkie like me or carving whore it will do. Also (at least mine) that i got else where (sorry ss no size :(.) are freaking PURPLE! They match my hero so perfectly its not even funny.. they are super on the mountain and super sick looking in the house! BUY THESE IF U HAVE THE CHANCE
"Stunt for stunts" 10/24/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Sierra Stunt Snowboard
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Boxes,Rails
  • Pros:  SUPER buttery, Amazing park stick, dope graphics
  • Cons:  not very stable, not very sturdy,

Experience:   My bro bought this board and even though its a size up for me i looooooved it. Its such a buttery board... the arch on this thing is absurd.. i havnt owned a board or ridden one that was so RC'd. Its waaaaay sick for rails obviously and boxes. You can press on this thing with just leaning back i swear. It would be dope for powder too, this board also has way sick design to it. The only problems? Its not very stable while going fast because not much of the board is on the snow, and on jumps you kinda jsut hit because of such a soft flex, its a noodle, but thats how its supposed to be, total park board, and its amazing.
"2010 EG 2.5S" 10/24/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (3) No

  • Name: 2011 Electric EG2.5 Goggles Men's
  • Pros:  Look DOPE, Look SUPER DOPE, Really good fit
  • Cons:  Fogging, Broken Lens, Fogging... Fogging... Fogging

Experience:   When i got these goggles I was obsessed with them, i couldnt stop talking about them to friends and such. I took a ton a pictures of em, and in general just loved them. Until i took them snowboarding. I dont know whether it was my face or the specific pair but they wouldnt stop fogging! Then it turned out to me rubbing the fog out which got rid of the anti fog stuff and they just kept fogging.. I think they just didnt fit my face. Sick looking though

Comments & Questions

well if you keep rubbing them then obiously the anti fog layer will come off, retard

"Get dirty :(" 10/24/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2007 Foursquare Q
  • Pros:  Sick color, Pretty Durable, warm pockets!!!
  • Cons:  Gets dirty, cant wash out :(, like all pants, bottem has ripped,
  • Pant Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  pretty good

Experience:   Ive had these pants for a long time is this solid yellow color. They look way sick with my black analog render jacket, and they are super warm and dry, but they get dirty oh so easily. Ive tried almost everything i can think of to get the dirt out but it just wont! I still use em and I still love em
"Nice park/overall boots" 9/30/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Hail
  • Pros:  Look prooooo, Pretty flexxy Not to flexxy, Good foot pads
  • Cons:  Some fabric tears,
  • Fit:  mid
  • Flex:  mid
  • Shoe Size:  10
  • Boot Size:  10

Experience:   These goots rock my socks. They are a lot more flexible than my thirtytwo tm two boots. They are amazing in the park with the right binders. But they arnt so flexy that you cant ride all mountain either. Great balance between the two. Also I totaly hit a flat landing and maybe it was my new bindings but these things pad like no other.
"The mission is over" 9/27/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Mission
  • Pros:  They are super durable, Mine look sexy, Great overall binding
  • Cons:  paint chipped a bit, minor fabric probs,
  • Flex:  mid

Experience:   ive had these babies for two solid years putting around 90 runs into them. They are still in excellent condition and are still owning the mountain. They are excellent for park and yet still do great on ice and hard pack and powder. I love them, its the only binding ive ever owned besides the crappy customs. These rock, solid rock.
"Park these in the park!" 9/27/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Exile EST
  • Pros:  Super soft, Flexible, LOOK DIRTY
  • Cons:  Not a great all mountain binder,
  • Flex:  soft

Experience:   Used these for a couple of runs in the park and they just rip it up. I dont know about kickers but for butters and rails these are just epic. They are super padded and pretty flexy for really sticking those butters out. Plus they are way cheap for an est binding. Go great with my hero!
"Saw this at a store, its incredible" 9/27/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Neff Facemask
  • Pros:  Flece Lining, Awesome Lookin, String Tie Thingies
  • Cons:  None that i can think of!,

Experience:   So I was at Marine Sports when I saw this bandana. I was goin there to pic up gloves and thought how awesome this would be on the mountain at night. Boy was I wrong. IT WAS MORE THAN AWESOME! This thing kept my face warm alll night loooooong. Get it if you can, its super warm and doesnt freeze up.
"Awesome icons." 9/26/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Skullcandy Icon
  • Pros:  Look sick, Weatherproof, Stay on
  • Cons:  not much base,

Experience:   I still use these headphones snowboarding. They work at below 0! They dont freeze up under cold weather or snow which is amazing. They look awsome and stay on most of the time if you dont crash. But they kind of lack base. I do love the sound but i think 08s just arnt up to par on what they could have been
"I still own this hat!!" 9/26/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Burton Trope Beanie
  • Pros:  Sick look, VERY durable, Warm
  • Cons:  None,
  • Fit:  Just right
  • Description:  It fits really well and gets to your head size and doesnt stretch past that

Experience:   I still own this hat. After two amazing years using it, it's still in amazing condition. None of the fabric has come out or anything. The only problem i have with mine is i put it into my retarded dryer and it ripped the ball off! :(. But now its a helmet friendly hat. I love it, if your not sure, BUY IT. ITS GREAT
"Warm, dry, and breathable" 9/26/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Cargo
  • Pros:  Warm, Dry, Breathable, Connect to burton coats, Look sick
  • Cons:  Easy to rip,
  • Pant Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Amazing

Experience:   One of my favorite pants ive ever ridden the cargo really held up well during the cold nights at brighton. I never wore an extra layer under my pants. But even in spring it was the same way. One problem though. I fell off a rail and just put my knee on the rail and it ripped a pefect circle right in it. Not very durable material.
"Warmer than the glove" 9/9/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Gore Tex Under
  • Pros:  Pretty warm, Nice built, Came with liners
  • Cons:  Liners didnt help much, Still kinda cold,

Experience:   Lost my gor tex gloves so i got the mitt. it is warmer, and the liners help a tad. but its still kinda cold. i wish they would make it a bit thicker. And its kinda hard or maybe im just not used to it but its harder to unzip things etc...
"Kept me happy" 9/9/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Gore Tex Under
  • Pros:  Pretty warm, Look good, built well,
  • Cons:  Not warm with liners. at all, I lost them. lol, kinda chilly

Experience:   I rode with these up at brighton during the night. They kept my hands decently average. However I was a lot taking my fingers out of the finger slots. They got cold. Better than my past gloves but not warm enough for night conditions! AND THE LINERS OMG! They made it colder! They didnt help at all! However they worked, and i liked them. But i lost them and i dont know where they went so i got the mitten version, which kept warmer.
"SUCH A SICK COAT!!!" 9/8/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Analog Render
  • Cons:  Side Pit coolers isnt meshed!! >:(,
  • Jacket Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  L
  • Fits Like:  L
  • Description:  Good. But i got a size to big

Experience:   I really really really love this coat. Its made of stuff that feels like it will last forever. No jokes! Has the sickest designs beside floral print. Has a bunch of good pockets for goggles season passes etc. The one problem with this coat is the zippers under the arm where you can cool off. THEY ARE NOT MESHED! If you undo the zipper it just you underneath. So snow and other crap could get in. Which im not really happy with. But still a great coat.
"On a mission" 9/8/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Mission EST
  • Pros:  Good All around binding, Sick colors, EST!!
  • Cons:  Come loose!,
  • Flex:  mid

Experience:   I actually have the 2011 Mission est. But ive ridden the 2010. Anyway the biggest thing i stress is you need to get a flat head NOT A PHILLIPS and TIGHTEN those screws ALL THE WAY. While your riding if they arnt tight all the way they like to move. Your bindings will shift angles and stance. Besides that they are super duper dope! I totally trust my missions with my hero. The only burton binding i ever use are missions. They are pretty tight.
"Its my hero" 9/8/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton The Hero Snowboard Men's
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Boxes,Jumps,Rails
  • Pros:  Freaking Buttery but still firm, SIIIIIICK GRAPHICS, Not just a park board!
  • Cons:  Wouldnt go balls out on speed,

Experience:   The hero is everything you need in a board. Its not just a park board. Ive used it in powder as well as groomers. The vrocker really does add a carefree catch to it so you can jib/butter on the mountain and rails without (much) fear of catching an edge. And my presses have become soooooo sick from switching from my old board. GET IT IF IN DOUBT
"Great coat, But HUGE disapointment" 5/22/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton System
  • Pros:  Sweet Looking, Functional, Warm
  • Cons:  The coat... just shreds to pieces., Read below...,
  • Jacket Fit:  Just right
  • My Size:  XL
  • Fits Like:  XL
  • Description:  I loved the fit.

Experience:   At first this coat just rocked my socks off. I loved it. The coat is a sweet coat. But I WOULDN'T recommend it to ANYONE for ONE reason. The coat has these little velcro like material on the outside. It likes to stick to things like brike walls for instance. Anyway, these material just starts to fall apart. The bottom of my coat is like solid fuzz now. And the velcro straps to close the coat up together will stick on the coat and RIP it up... As well with the hood on it. This coat would be good if you wanted it for maybe a couple of months. Infact im complaining to burton so see if i can get a refund.. This blows... so hard.
"They suck" 3/15/2010
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2010 Burton Custom
  • Pros:  Nice Design, Quick,
  • Cons:  They hurt, not comfortable, Toe strap comes off, They're bad
  • Flex:  mid

Experience:   ive had this years, last years, and the year before that customs.. And i loved them, or so i thought. I got a pair of missions also this year and when i went back to the customs.. I HATED IT. They dont fit well and they are not comfortable, AT ALL. The missions only cost a tad more and are like 100x better than the customs. I have no clue why they are ranked #2.. Its BS!!!
"2009 - Ouch!" 10/1/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (5) No

  • Name: 2010 32 Tm-Two
  • Pros:  Looks cool,
  • Cons:  My foot hurt.,
  • Fit:  mid
  • Flex:  stiff
  • Shoe Size:  9.5
  • Boot Size:  9.5

Experience:   My right boot had no problem and my left boot was hurting my heel while i was trying to ride it.. maybe it was just that they were stiff and needed to be broken in, idk. But it was not a good feeling.
"Awesome coat." 8/9/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2008 Foursquare Jenner Print Late Release
  • Pros:  Breathable, Lightweight, Warm, Waterproof
  • Cons:  Wears Out Quickly
  • Description:  WEATHER: Spring Day, Blue Bird Powder Day, Cloudy and Cold, Cold and Blustery Day, Snow and Rain Mixed, Sleet, Storming and White Out, CHEST: Feels true to size, BODY: Feels too short, INSEAM: Feels true to length,

Experience:   I had two problems with this coat. One: The zipper thing always came off and I had to find it, which wasn't fun. Two: It wears out quickly, I did a ton of snowboarding last year but I cant use it again because its ripping where you tighten the bottem of the coat with the elastics.
"Burton System Review" 7/31/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton System
  • Pros:  Breathable, Durable, Warm, Waterproof
  • Description:  WEATHER: Spring Day, Cold and Blustery Day, CHEST: Feels true to size, BODY: Feels too long, INSEAM: Feels true to length,

Experience:   This is awesome! Its a bit long, but i love it that way so its awesome. Its pretty heavy with the liner in it, but if you take it out its a nice coat. Has 3 pockets in one pocket on the chest and the rest of the pockets are huge! Its awsome. I would recomend it.
"Great Board" 7/12/2009
Helpful Review?   (0) Yes    (0) No

  • Name: 2009 Burton Blunt
  • Skill:  Intermediate
  • Use:  Boxes,Carving,Groomers,Jumps,Rails
  • Pros:  Durable, Easy to carve, poppy, Stable at high speeds, Popular model, Strong edgehold, Great value, Popular on mountain, Well known brand
  • Cons:  Too stiff, Heavy, Top sheet scratches

Experience:   Its a pretty good board. My topsheet however scratched quite a bit and has cracked on the sides on at the top. It has a good flex but its pretty hard to crank out a tail press on this. Good park board, solid on jumps, slips on ice a bit but for having a blunt edge is pretty good... 4 outa 5

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